Is The Anticipated “Once In A Lifetime” Meteor Event Related To The Large Round Object Very Recently Recorded Near The Sun This Week?


There seems to be something big and round out near the sun, and obviously it is moving because this is a new “thing”.  It might also be the cause of the widely anticipated meteor event that was projected for midnight yesterday, 9 hours before this publication on May 31, 2022.  I don’t think the meteor event ( a “once in a lifetime, 1000 meteors per hour” event) happened, although a read a piece this morning that postulated the entry speed of the objects might have been too slow to burn, thus no brilliantly glowing meteors visible in the night sky.

Or maybe “they” were just wrong or maybe it is tonight instead of last night.  I looked, but it was too cloudy to the west of my South Texas location.

It sure looks like there is some big, round object approaching from behind the sun.  These second-object videos and images are very recent, May 13th and April 20th respectively for video 2 and 3.  The first video is undated, but recently given to MrBBB333.

And just below is his video regarding the meteor shower.  You can skip forward to about 3:36.

Mysteries abound.


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Gillian Cockwill
1 month ago

I’ve seen one or two clips of double suns on telegram. As for the threat of a massive meteor hit, what comes comes. Nothing we can do about it. Certainly unusual events happening in space. Interesting.

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