International Finance Information – Martin Armstrong; Chinese Bank Runs, Riots And Tanks And Financial Crisis Begins August. Pensions Are At Max Risk.


International finance might not sound particularly pertinent to our interests, but in fact international finance is like a component of a hurricane or earthquake or forest fire.  Those tend to start out with obvious warnings until “the big one” is upon us.

Mr. Armstrong is a very insightful man when it comes to international finance.  He is respected among those with professional ties to international finance, as well as national finance, bullion trade and more.  I present this information for you so that you are informed as to the state of things today and most likely, in the near future. 

“I’ve never seen a crop of world leaders as pathetically unprofessional as we have around the world today.” – Martin Armstrong.

And no doubt these are World Economic Forum acolytes of satan Klaus Schwab.  Check on your own leaders here:

Armstrong says you are not going to have to wait until next year to see extreme stress in the financial system.  Armstrong is seeing financial upheavals coming in the August and September time frame.  So, the economic pain is already here and getting worse, especially in Europe.  Armstrong says,

“I think you are going to see this come to a head. . . . It’s definitely tanking more anyway. . . . What makes things even worse for the world is the dollar going up and not down.  This is because you had all these emerging markets issue debt in dollars…

They were borrowing in dollars because it was a cheaper interest rate, and they had no concept of the foreign exchange risk…This happened in Australia.  The currency swings, and, now, suddenly you owe 20% more….

You had the same thing with all these emerging markets. . . . Now, the dollar is going up and you are seeing bank runs.

Additionally –

This is why they are pushing for war…. They think they can create a new monetary system, and to do so, they need war.  

They think they can keep it just conventional.  Then the United Nations can emerge as the white knight and the peacemaker. 

Therefore, we get another Bretton Woods.  You can redesign all the currencies, and when you do that, you wipe out all the debt.  That is what is on the agenda….

There is no way they can get out of this other than default.  If they default, they are worried about millions of people storming the parliaments of Europe…

This is really a tremendous financial crisis that we are facing.  They have been borrowing year after year since WWII with zero intention of paying anything back.”

Supporting Mr. Armstrong’s contention that “economic pain” will escalate to the point of riots is this in China today.  Tanks in the streets guarding the banks to prevent the people from withdrawing their money or rioting because the banks just confiscated their money, claiming that their money is an “investment” now owned by the bank.

So the government is bankrupting the citizens individually rather than letting the citizens withdraw their savings and seeing the banks fail.

The Chinese communist party is very concerned about holding things together, but I find it unlikely that stability is coming to China.  The video below will give you some perspective, as these riots are beginning to spread, hence the tanks, which are merely a projection of power.  They cannot do much actual work but they do intimidate.

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