Intel, Risk Assessment and 6000 U.S. Soldiers Are Rushing to Washington DC Immediately. As In Now.

There are no protestors in Washington any more.  Everyone went home.  Antifa did its job by raiding the Capitol building, and the liberal media is doing everything possible as fast as possible to isolate, vilify and weaken Trump and American patriots.

So why on earth is the US Defense Department hurriedly moving 6,000 National Guard soldiers into Washington, D.C. yesterday and today (Sunday, 10 January, 2020)?

Its a puzzle, as there are no media hysterics regarding this militarization.  And the genuinely peaceful Trump supporters have all gone home.  Even the five busloads of antifans who were shuttled in to infiltrate the Trumpers have gotten their free bus-rides back to their rally points.

So why the five battalions of soldiers being spread throughout the city?

My guess is not because Pelosi et al are planning to impeach Mr. Trump.  Not is it because they are hoping to Article 25 him (certify him as a nut bird).  No, my guess is sweeter, better tasting and filled with nutrition.

Trump is going to retain his position, and wreck havoc on the enemies of the Republic who have been caught red-handed in the largest act of treason since the Bolshevik revolution.

Trump is going to arrest the swamp and all hell is going to break loose in Washington.  6,000 troops in 48 hours.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a massive troop movement in a great, big hurry.  Why?  Maybe because US CIA personnel in the US Embassy in Rome, Italy and top-level Italian military personnel were busted fixing the election via satellite and the Italian judicial system is ripping into the crime.  Confessions are in hand.

Think Mr. Trump will just walk away and give them the White House?  What do you think General Flynn and the DIA found on Nancy Pelosi’s notebook computer, which was taken from her desk while everyone was watching antifans break windows?  Must have been good intel.  Thank you, General Flynn.  Obama hates you and now you have him.  GREAT JOB!

Check this out…

6000 National Guard Troops Arrive In DC To Beef Up Security


Around 6,000 National Guard troops have been activated from multiple states. They are expected to arrive in the Washington Metropolitan Area within the next 48 hours (by Monday morning, 11 January)  to beef up security around the US Capitol complex, according to AP.

Update: They have started to arrive…

Deployment of Guard troops come in the wake of deadly riots at the Capitol building on Wednesday and ahead of the Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 20 that could incite another wave of violence.

AP has learned defense officials are reviewing restrictions on whether Guard troops will be allowed to carry weapons in the coming days as new threats materialize.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told AP Friday that intelligence on potential threats continues to evolve. He said some Guard troops could carry M4 Carbines, but a final decision may come next week.

The review reflects concerns about the safety of Guard troops in the wake of the deadly riots.

“We’ll be looking at the intelligence and decide over the next day or so,” McCarthy said. “It’s just going to require us to get better intel, and then we’ll have to take a risk assessment.”

This past week, Guard troops have been unarmed and will continue to be once a decision is made. So far, they’ve been tasked with guarding the Capitol building behind steel walls that limit them from directly contacting violent protesters.

About 850 Guard troops have been deployed to Capital grounds, working 12 hours shifts at more than 90 checkpoints.

Over the weekend, videos have emerged of Guard troops stationed around the Capitol complex.

Guard troop presence increasing in DC.

Guard troops patrolling perimeter fence around Capitol.

Guard troops patrolling buildings around the Capitol.

AFP shows several scenes of Guard troops outside the perimeter fence of the Capitol.

Considering top militia leaders have said they have placed “armed” members around DC to prevent a steal of the 2020 presidential election from President Trump – it’s likely some Guard troops will be armed as perhaps the last of the violence isn’t over.

I do suggest you fill your cars with gas, buy extra food, check the batteries in your red dots and maybe take your Trump sticker off your truck, because the devils serving satan are in every town, city and state.  Even on your street in your own neighborhood.

Remember, Yahusha (aka “Jesus”) said He came to bring a sword, not peace.

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