Increasing Confessions That The “Elite” Directly Worship Lucifer And Sacrifice Children To Him. Ronald Bernard Part One

I notice that mentions of Luciferian worship are coming up more often in my studies.  Lucifer is leading the world more directly now.  He wants his throne and is making his big push to crush the church, to crush hope, to crush trust and to crust any vestige of unity among nations.

The video below is a stunner.  The interviewee is Mr. Ronald Bernard, a former top Bank of International Settlements money changer.  He tells us of the direct worship of Satan among the top global power players, the satanic rituals and how he got lured into the Luciferian trap over time.  Money, the love of it, is the root of all evil.  Loving money = loving Lucifer, there can be no doubt of this.

Below is interview one of five, detailing Mr. Bernard’s rise from common businessman to a level one or two notches away from, I suppose, the direct face-to-face contact with the shatan himself.

Get yourself something to drink and find a quiet 45 minutes some place where you can focus on this man’s confessions.  After you listen to the interview, which is four or five videos in length, you will have a surprisingly deep rooted understand of Lucifers method of managing control over world economies.  You will come away from the series with a very solid understanding of how business is done in the richest circles of players in the world.

Ronald Bernard: channel link is here.

This video is important for you, as I will focus on these four or five videos from Ronald Bernard as well as some others that also cover the Luciferian worshipers as they pertain to the US government.

I have a growing sense that we are on the edge of a great event.  I sense it, but the outcome is not visible to me.  Part of the problem is that I have my own desired outcomes, which might not be what Ani is looking to show me.  Satanism is obviously known to be the religion of choice of the globalists, but we have suspected this for so long that we tend to think that we understand it.

We don’t.

Satan intends to murder billions of people.  Darkness, depression, profound loneliness and eventual cold, muddy death is the plan.  Dragging mankind through all the misery Satan can bring to bear on us.  That is his plan and he is executing that plan.

I AM has His own knowledge of how all this will turn out, and I remember His sword and His voice – that He is coming to separate and it will be a violent separation.  God IS separating His obedient children from the disobedient.  The separation of the wheat from the chaff is underway even as I type this.



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