In The Coming Madness

Originally posted on August 17, 2020 @ 10:02 am

Prophets.  Many are false prophets.  Some are servants of Yahuah.  The burden of prophecy is heavy, indeed.  It is a physical, mental and emotional burden, but spiritually, the heart of a prophet is strengthened.

These last days seems to see a flowering or blooming of prophets all over the world.  Truth is budding everywhere.  People, lost people, – many of them diligently seek god, the lower case g, not knowing that He is GOD 🙂  No human other than His son Yahusha understands the scope of Yahuah’s authority. 

We humans, saved and unsaved, exist on the mercy of Yahuah.  We who are saved exist on the mercy of Yahuah.  We richly and with great gusto deserve hell.  We deserve death.  Our “righteousness”, how we revere His Words is truly as filthy rags.  We are His children, we who follow Yahuah, but we are all prodigals.  We all continually fail.

We are terrible, terrible servants.  Not because we endorse evil, but simply because we are human.  We are spirit beings tightly integrated into these skin suits.  We are made of dirt, with the breath of life added only after we were fully formed.

Be careful whom you follow among men.  There are no heroes.  There is no savior among men.  All have sinned and all fall short.

Yahuah has worked the greatest miracle of all miracles I know, in me.  Greater than Yahusha raising Lazarus is His saving of me.  I chose wickedness.  I recognized that Yahuah was exactly who He says He is, and still I shook my fist in His face and rejected Him outright.  I was my own god and He had no place in me.

I didn’t even hate Him.  I rejected Him, strongly.  Always, and I never once considered this back then, the adversary was keenly focused on me.  He influenced my thinking and my desires.  He provided sin to me.  Even now in my state of union with my good Father, Satan lays sin at my feet, freely offering whatever I desire if only I will follow him.

Temptation is always right at the door, waiting to swallow up the willing.  Death comes with a smile on his face.

Hell is coming.

I told my spouse recently that my son and I will never have another opportunity to go to the mountains, backpacking in Colorado.  I have chosen a date and amount of time, and then the door closes.  Still, there are concerns.  The safety of my family is paramount.  I do believe most Americans will be safe, although less safe by the day, for several months.

Wickedness is about to put on its best clothes and walk the streets looking for victims.  There will be a lot of confusion.  There will be a lot of error, a lot of wrong choices.  People are going to change, and don’t you be one of them.

In all that Yahuah has done for me, and He is the best dad, the best friend I have, He taught me the most vital command of all commands.

Love your neighbor.  Do good to those who slander you, who hate you.  Forgive them and sometimes it will be utterly impossible to forgive them.  You certainly are not required to suffer harm from any man.  But the barking dogs of the world are just lost souls, howling at their torment.

I was one of them.  I used to howl at Christians, too.

Ignore their barking.  Testify to them and do not waste your time with mockers.  Let them burn.  But remember that among the mockers are some pairs of ears who will hear the Word.  They will take the Word with them and that Word will plant itself and grow.  So always speak the word to the wicked and then go from them, for they will hurt you if given sufficient time.

I carry a fixed-blade sheath knife and/or a pistol with me most places, even to church on Shabbat.  Three Sabbaths ago, in church, I had a vision of a person in all black police-type armor bursting in through the door of the main auditorium and firing a machine gun into the people.  While this happened, I walked over to look into the eyes of one of my brothers, and in his eyes, inside the eyeballs, down deep within the pupils, I saw an intensely brilliant and expanding point of light.  He was looking up.  His face was illuminated and he had the look of a man who is looking at the glory of Yahusha.

The bullets were still traveling from the machine gun toward him.  He had not yet been killed, but physical death was right upon him yet this brother was already leaving his body.  He was being transformed, even faster than the bullets could travel.

So fear nothing.  Rejoice in your very own salvation and your very own, personal relationship with The One 🙂  I smile because Neo was “the One” in the Matrix movie, yet Yahusha said it first.  “I and my Father are one.”


The greatest thing in my life is my relationship with the One.  It is life.  It is joy.  It is wisdom.  It is peace. It is contentment.  I would give up everything – spouse, kids, friends, possessions, health, whatever I might possess to maintain my relationship with Him.

In that relationship I am complete.  All of my needs are met.  Every need is met.  It is Yahuah who completes me.  He is my Hope.  My Joy.  He is my only true friend.  Yahuah is much more to me than being my good Father.  He is my life.  He gives me my certainty that He is, even though my human mind cannot comprehend what going to Him will be like.  Yea, I run to Him.  Every day of my life I yearn for Him.  I want this life to end but still there is much to be done.  We only have a short moment of our lives remaining to serve Him.  So short that



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