If Your Children Are Hungry Come Summer, Maybe You Didn’t Heed The Warnings.


The war against food availability is accelerating and you will face it directly within about three months.  Already shelves are becoming barren.  Come mid-summer, expect even less food availability.  The chicken “flu” is being determined by the PCR test, the same test intentionally misused to determine who had the alleged Covid-19 “virus”. 

The PCR test is blatantly misused exactly like it was misused to promote Covid-19 expansion. Its a bogus test result, a lie and a plan.  Starvation and control, including a digital ID to “allow” you to buy food, is the agenda.  Getting control of food means getting control of you.  Civil war will follow, for sure.  Then the prophecies come into play.

You better get ready NOW.



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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 month ago

10-4 good buddy, I’m ready brother. But continue to prepare. Bible, check. Prayer, check. Family, check. Loving on neighbors and friends, check. Chickens, check. Garden, check. The Swords of Steel, check. Supplies, check. Backup plans, check. Ready to die for His truth CHECK MATE.

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