If You Want To Do Well In The Coming Storm, Surrender. Give Up.

Originally posted on June 3, 2022 @ 11:42 am


Watching the Ken Peters vision last night (@2AM on this site, awesome), I re-realized the interesting contrast that we humans tend to make between actions of evil and actions of Good.

“Evil” we tend to acknowledge immediately and mentally accept the horror of it, while “good” we embrace more slowly.  In particular, I was contrasting the difference between the human acknowledgement of the “New World Order” and the horror it is bringing upon us, and the eventual delivery from evil which Yahuah will bring. We are slow to believe “good” because we live in a wicked world and all around us wickedness flourishes.

We can see the wickedness and we hope for the righteousness.  The wickedness is abundant and apparent and growing broader, faster and more thoroughly across the plane of the earth.  Righteousness, on the other hand, is diminishing, becoming less, fewer, harder to find.  Righteousness has always been the lesser of the two in terms of scope or reach.

That said, Righteousness is worthy of the price.  If the price is execution, praise Yah.  Martyrdom is pure bonus bucks, a significant honor and a crown of glory for the Righteous in the Kingdom of Heaven. A gift.

Martyrdom by beheading is even better, because beheading is painless.  Gross, yes, but who has to watch?

I love Yahuah with all my heart.  My days and hours are consumed by His Spirit.  I live rather isolated, somewhat akin to a hermit.  I spend hours of every day considering Him and His Ways.  When I drive my 4-Runner, I pray and weep.  When I shop for groceries, I pray and quietly weep, and not because of the expense.  When I train at the gym, I weep.  At my keyboard – weep.

Not that I weep continuously, but the Spirit of Yahuah within me is as close to the surface as it can be, ready to act.  I am evolving.  Change is happening.  I recognize it but that is the extent of it at this time.  As for the purpose of this spiritual development, it is for His use.

Again, we are not to fear these times.  Personally, I am concerned because I have to make a living in an economy that is probably going to blow up but will certainly require the mark and tagging of the globalist New World Order.  No buying or selling, etc.  You know the deal.

So we are likely to be set adrift on the earth, and then hunted.  How can you pay your electric bill if you do not have the Mark?  Pay rent?  Buy gasoline or baby food?

I do not fear for myself, as I am who Yahuah made me to be.  He has developed me into a very unique breed of cat and sharpened me to a fine edge for His purpose in this realm.  His purpose is to deliver us from evil, as spoken by Himself in the iteration of the Only, the Son of Man who was and Is Yahuah.

We have families.  We love our people and I personally will do absolutely whatever is necessary to defend my people.  We do not have to meekly surrender to evil ones.  We are obedient when we are adequately armed for war.

I am asking you to accept the fact that Yahuah loves His true ones, and accept that if you love Him as shown by your obedience to His Commands, that He knows you and that you are His.  I want you to believe that you will have internal peace during the external hardship.  I want you to believe that you will not be alone, and that your relationship with Yahuah will grow much stronger than it currently is as wickedness expands against us.

If you follow Truth and have His Spirit, then I assure you that you are a very unique creation.  It is the image of Yahuah within you that you nourish and fortify.  “We shall be like Him” in this time.  Believe and do not fear.  Watch and warn.  Stay alert and observe as the evil one spreads His net.

As many of you know, I pray for and weep over my children every day.  All but one is lost to me.  They reject the Truth and embrace the darkness of this world.  Their mother is the same.  No obedience, no walk – her entire testimony is literally this – “I have a sweet relationship with Jesus”.  That is her complete testimony.  There is no more than that.

So what is her status with the King?

Yahuah has indeed cut me from the herd for His good purpose.  He has sharpened my edge and polished by blade and continually does so.  He has walked me through the darkness of despair for His Good purpose.  He has isolated me because He wants my time.  He has given me peace through all of this because He loves me and he has plans for me.  I know that my place in His Kingdom here and to come is assured, and that I will reign with Him in the land of the throne of Yahuah.

Many of you have the same destiny, and many of you can obtain the same certainty if you allow Yahuah to bestow His power and His Authority unto you.  Yield to Him, for He is calling many.  Lay down your life to Him.  Surrender.  Give up.  Just give up.  Let Him be the one you love most.  Don’t lie to yourself about that.  Sacrifice all and become free as you have never known freedom.  The power and glory and authority will be yours.  Most of all, you will vanish slowly into Him and His image within you will increasingly shine.

He is the only safe place, dear brothers and sisters.  He alone is our safety, and our champion.  As Yahusha said, “The Father is greater than I.”  It is Yahuah that Yahusha Himself turned to for mercy, yet Yahuah committed Yahusha to die.  He might also commit you and I to die, but death has no hold on us, friend.  We are far removed from this world.  We are aliens here, strangers in a hostile land.  We do not belong here and we will leave here.

Look forward to that day, because you will only leave here one time in all of eternity.  That moment when the reality of your transformation seizes you, and you become the new being, the joy – profound.  You will never look back.

I love you all so much.  If I could take you to heaven this very day, I would do it.  I am sorry that these things must happen, but it is the Will of Yahuah for His purposes, and the sorrows will end forever soon enough.  Love.  Forgive.  Let go.

Sabbath peace to you.

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2 years ago

”We are slow to believe “good” because we live in a wicked world and all around us wickedness flourishes.” Jerry, I think the essence of the material world we are living in (within our prison of physics) dictates that anything under the sun is doomed to die. ”Every little deer, any small flower must yield to death one day or another” Just like my dear Grandma used to always tell me …already a long time ago ;-) ! This chaotic lethal fate governing our fallen world is mathematically described with the law of thermo-dynamics & miraculously even Yahusha talks about it: * I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish that you were cold or hot. So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to vomit you out of my mouth.* Revelation 3:15 All the wars, every conflict, any fighting between the different factions of living beings (tribes of Israel versus Canaanites / Philistines until this very time!) deal with winning over energy in all of its… Read more »

2 years ago

Well said Jerry. I just got through watching a documentary called “The Scariest Movie Ever” on Bitchute. Have you seen it? Its a very interesting watch, long but interesting. I also have a Prodigal child, so I understand what you are saying. I keep praying for her protection and deliverance from evil. Raising children in this day and age is really tough. Thank you for always reminding us that it does not end here.

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