“If You Love Me, You Will Keep My Commands…”


I’m not writing much these days, but I am always thinking, paying attention and pondering who I am and who we are in Yahusha.  When the cauldron of animosity and Christ-hatred comes to a full boil, I will have some things to say about that.  I bide my time, patiently waiting for the wicked to spring the trap that destroys them.

I am at a turning point in my walk with Righteousness and Truth.  For the last several years I have attended a “Torah” church, which split over an argument between the pastor and the elders.  I don’t even know what the issue was, and have made no effort to find out, but I have been patiently waiting to let truth bubble up to the surface.

What I discovered after a couple of years is this: the elders church seem to be in the clutches of the Kabballah and the Talmud.  When I discussed this blasphemy with my senior elder, a former dear brother of mine, he grew so angry that his hands were shaking.  I brought his obvious anger to his attention, and he denied it, claiming that it was coffee which made his hands shake.  It must have been the coffee which put the hard edge in his tongue, too.

To be crystal clear – Talmud and Kabballah are works of Satan.  They are blasphemy, and blasphemers wrote them.  The anti-Christ killers of our Savior would kill Him again today if they had the chance.  They say so themselves.  Their blaspheming and wicked ways literally know no limits.  Books of hate, that is what they are.

My brother says that he studies these blasphemous doctrines of devils in order to “learn”, though what he might learn I do not know.  What can the so-called “rabbis” discern, having not the Holy Spirit of Yahuah?  They are the least qualified to teach Truth.  What I do know is that he will read and read and read and as time goes by, he will grow increasingly corrupt in his understanding of truth until one day he will look around and there will be no Yahusha walking with him.

So I had to leave that body, and apparently I was the only person making an issue of the elders studying the Kabballah and the Talmud.

Some time has passed, a few months now.  Not long.  Today the Ruach ha Yahuah asked me this: “What church did Yahuah build?”  I realized that the only church built by Yahuah is the church established by Paul, because Paul was hand-picked by Yahusha to build His church.  And where was the church built?  Outside of Israel – everywhere exceept Israel

Paul was executed by Rome at the request of the Rabbis.  The Rabbis hated Paul because he taught Torah and Salvation through Yahusha.  What I notice in “Torah churches” is the marked absence of teaching the Way.  They seem to only focus on Torah portions and wearing kippahs and tallits and kittels, and not one mention of Yahusha, even though Yahusha built His church through Paul.

Paul never wore a kippah.  It is purely an invention of the anti-Christ Talmudic Jews.

Wearing of a head covering (yarmulka, skullcaps, kippah [pl. kippot]) for men was only instituted in Talmudic times (approximately the second century CE). The first mention of it is in Tractate Shabbat, which discusses respect and fear of God.


The tallit, a garment worn similar to how one wears a poncho, is also a Talmudic fabrication.  Yahuah only specified that we are to wear tzitzit (the four blue and white fringe items on the corners of a garment).  Like the kippah, the tallit is not scriptural, either, but is instead a kabalistic blah-blah-blah created from thin air.

But it sure looks holy, right?

I realize these are such small matters as to be inconsequential, but adding to the Word and creating a religion from utter religions fantasy is wrong.  Its all show business, a “look at me” sort of religious hoax.

Here is the sole requirement: Tzitzit

Num 15:37  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying,
Num 15:38  Speak to the sons of Israel and you shall say to them that they shall make themselves fringes on the corners of their garments, for their generations. And they shall put a thread of blue with the fringe of each corner.
Num 15:39  And it shall be to you for a fringe, that you may look on it and remember all the commandments of Jehovah, and do them; and that you do not go about after your own heart and your own eyes after which you fornicate;
Num 15:40  that you may remember and do all My commandments, and be holy to your God.
Num 15:41  I am Jehovah your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God. I am Jehovah your God.

Tzitzit matters.  I know it pertains to men, but I do not know about with women.  If you know, please share.

Believe me, if you want to know the bottom line of Talmudism and the Kabballah, buy the book “JUDAISM’S STRANGE GODS“.  Wow.  You won’t get more than 20 pages into it before you say to yourself “These people are insane”.  Try me on that.

But this is the leavening that has crept into the body and is ruining the whole lump.  Judaism is as wicked as Satan can make it, and he has many willing servants among men.

So I am going back to my roots – a “Jesus” teaching salvation church and Yahuah willing, maybe get them to honor the Pentateuch.  “Jesus” has driven countless demons from the bodies of lost men and women all over the world for centuries.  I will still call Him by the name “Yahusha”, because I believe that is closest to His name, but when I got turned from wickedness by Yahuah back in ’93, I quit my job, moved home and read the entire bible over the course of a year.  As I read the New Testament, I did mouth the words “Yeshu” when trying to figure out what His real name was.  I trust the Holy Spirit.

Looking up “Yeshu”, you will find that it is alleged that the Talmudic Rabbis painted the name “Yeshu” as being actually a curse, which of course would be precisely what the Talmudists would do to the name of our Mashiach.  They would paint “Yeshu” with as much poison as they could in order to make the name a wicked thing.  Classic Talmudism, and perhaps “Yeshu” is in fact the actual, factual name of our Mashiach as given by His parents and directed by the Ruach.  One thing certain about Rabbis – they despise Truth and do what they see their Father Lucifer do.  Yeshu said that, Himself.

Here is a neat link if you are interested in this topic: https://religion.fandom.com/wiki/Yeshu

Interesting reading, and again, “Yeshu” is what passed my lips that day many years ago when I mouthed the name aloud as I read the New Testament.  I’ve never shared that story, thinking it to be rather inconsequential.  But perhaps it is important, considering the setting.

The term Yeshu is used in modern Hebrew as a standard name for Jesus and Yeshu Ha-Notzri as the modern Hebrew equivalent for “Jesus the Nazarene”. Kjaer-Hansen argues that this modern usage resulted from the influence of Klausner who used the term for Jesus in his Hebrew works believing it to be a correct Hebrew equivalent. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the “father of modern Hebrew”, had instead used Yeshua for Jesus (the name used in Maimonides and the expanded Josippon) but this choice lost out to Yeshu as a result of Klausner’s influential Hebrew work on Jesus titled Yeshu HaNotzri published in 1922.[3] 


Just bear in mind that Rabbis are quoted and they all live, breathe and die by the Talmud.  Lying is a cornerstone of their faith, so is anything they say actually truth?


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