If You Are Still Stuck In The Middle On Covid-19, This Will Lead You Home

Wow.  For a year I have watched hundreds videos and read hundreds of detailed articles regarding the so-called “corona virus” or the “covid-19” bug, and concluded months ago that whatever is passing for a new illness is not much to be concerned with.  The erroneously labeled “vaccine”, though, is definitely something to be very concerned about.  Even the swab tests are of significant concern after seeing this video.

This video is two hours long and I found the resolution to be less than ideal, but good enough.  More importantly, the information is very strong, with a lot of fact and very little if any conjecture.  So it is absolutely worth your time if your life or the lives of people you love is important to you.

If this video disappears, please comment below and I will post it again.  I have a backup.

I do not know who produced this, but it took a lot of time to compile the data and edit the video.  I have watched it carefully twice, and will benefit from watching it a third time.  There is a lot here, a lot of very valuable information that is too valuable to miss.  You might try to watch it in 30-minute segments, giving yourself time to digest the sobering information this producer backs up with supporting data.

The bottom line for me is the nasal swabs are potentially very dangerous themselves, but I need to look into this further.  I am going to forbid my children from taking any nasal swab test intil I know more about the material used as the absorbent on the nasal-end of the swab.

As for the injections, not under any circumstances will I allow that to happen to me or my children.  You will learn why.

Finally, information regarding the veracity of the “virus” leads me to rethink what I thought I knew about viral entities.  I did study cellular metabolism in University and loved biology, so its kind of a hobby of mine.  It is very possible that everything I learned about so-called “virus’s” is wrong.  There are many doctors who teach contrary to what I was taught, and I need to open my brain and reconsider.  It is increasingly probable to me that virii in fact do not exist and never have existed, and that natural “cures” simply correct a nutrition problem which creates a ‘virus’ problem.

That is a bit hard to swallow, yes?

I hate to feel like I am behind the curve on this, particularly with the world going mad over an alleged virus that to this very day has not been proven to even exist.

Example: Reuters, the news organization (that is a source of many fake news articles), published a “Fact Check” on the reality of a covid virus and says that the claims that no covid virus exists are false.  Reuters Fact Check claims there is actually a covid virus.

The chilling moment happens when you realize that Reuters never cites who, where, when and how a covid virus was proven.  You realize at that moment that the biggest news org in the world cannot answer one of the most important questions in the world, and can only respond with a “yes there is” answer.

Here is their actual answer…

False. COVID-19 is a real disease and it is not the same as the flu. PCR tests detect the genetic sequences of viruses, allowing the test to show the presence of a particular virus.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our work to fact-check social media posts here .

That’s disturbing.  Very disturbing because Reuters answer proves that they do not have a clue what the truth is.  Further, the PCR test is pure garbage, a total hoax, as I wrote here and quoted the CEO of the company that MANUFACTURES the PCR test that Reuters cites as definitive proof.

Dear GOD have mercy on us.

Brendon, thanks.  You were right.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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