If We Have To Fight, Do You Know How To Prepare?

It’s going to be one shocking conclusion. Just wait and see.

From age 12 I have been “woke” to the fact that tyranny is a “thing”.  When I read Orwell’s book “1984”, I was slapped in the face with an oak rod.  As I grew older, and especially when I was in college, I payed close attention to international politics.  I could tell that there was a lot of disconnect between what I read and what I thought was really happening.

By the time I graduated with a degree in history/revolution and English/ writing, my refrigerator and the wall beside it was covered with newspaper clippings of odd political decisions and events.  Things that just did not pass the smell test.

But my transcendence into reality did not happen until I had my el Paso experience and my subsequent year-long sabbatical from my job so I could read the Holy Bible and to pray.  That year changed my eternity.

The Holy Spirit, the ruach hakodesh, or the spirit of Ani Himself taught me the Word.  When I returned to the world after that one year period, I had new eyes.  I saw everything through the wisdom and understanding that Ani gave me, and I understood the war.

Now, years later and in these times, I do see plainly that we are headed directly into the abyss.  The world is.  This world is shattered.  The lost and the demonic populate the planet.  The slaves of Satan rule and govern.  The common people, most of them unsaved and many of them open enemies of Ani, do the bidding of hell in almost every area of decision.

Trans-sexuals, homosexualism, lesbianism, hate, violent race wars, drug use, pornography, fraud, deceit, lying, fear, pedophilia and more rule the day.  And that’s just in Washington, D.C.

The Chinese are selling the organs of living human beings, and there is barely a whiff of protest from any government.

So we should freak out, right?

But no, we do not.  Yahusha said not to worry.  So OK, let’s not worry.  It is easier to “not to worry” when we have food and clothing and jobs and transportation and peace.  The real test will come soon enough, because soon enough we will have hard choices to make.

The birth pangs are harder now.  Big, screaming and bloody birth pangs are happening now.  I have friends around the world facing some real consequences for disobedience to authority.  They are generally disarmed, and the government can break down doors without much concern of entering dead.

In America, we are armed, just as Yahusha commanded us to be and just as the Law of America specified in the Constitution.  “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  That is the law.

34,000,000 Americans went hunting last year.   Those hunters, plus millions more men and women, are well-armed and paying attention.  Everywhere I go where people have conversations, the topic of civil war comes up.  Ammunition, training, forming teams, comparing various weapons – across America we watch and wait.

The scriptures teach us to, “as much as possible, live in peace with all men” (Romans 12:18).  That tells us that it is sometimes not possible to live in peace with all men.  When men come to arrest you or take your children over some wicked political issue, what will you do?

Our twisted, obese, stinking government might consider itself all powerful, but it is not.  The army of American hunters alone is larger than any army in the history of the world.  We will never surrender our weapons.  Even now, governors of many states are signing laws that forbid any Federal efforts to disarm Americans.  More states are discarding the requirements to have permits to carry side-arms.  Constitutional Carry is the term for it.

The servants of Satan see this and understand that America must be taken down some other way.  Part of that is internal civil strife.  The satans are doing everything they can to pit one group against another.  Division is the plan.  We must guard against falling into that trap.  We are our brothers keeper.  We are commanded to love our neighbors.  Remember that.  No hatred. Yet Yahusha commands us to be armed.

We should prepare for war.

You can train without using up your ammunition.  Use your television instead.  Get your primary weapon or the weapon you think you will need the most, and sit on your sofa.  Watch a movie, and while you watch that movie, pick out some actors.  You are going to practice shooting those characters.

Here is how you do it.

First, make sure your weapon is NOT loaded.  Have your weapon in a relaxed carry position. When you are ready to take action, raise your rifle, pistol or shotgun to the firing position and concentrate exclusively on maintaining the correct sight picture as you follow that character across the screen.

Perfection is what you want.  A perfect sight picture from the moment you raise your weapon until that character is gone from the scene.

Then, do it again and again and again.  Maybe for 1/2 hour or more.  You are making your reactions and sight picture acquisition perfect.  You are sharpening your spear.

When you are consistent in maintaining your sight picture, when you get it right all the time, start working on trigger pull.  You want to put your finger on the trigger when you are prepared to begin the pull process.  The pull is steady.  You are going to maintain your sight picture perfectly as you begin that trigger pull process.  Maintain sight picture and pull that trigger and when the hammer goes “CLICK”, it should surprise you.  You should be surprised by the click of the hammer from steadily pulling the trigger as you maintain the perfect sight alignment.

Do that over and over and over and over.  Practice every evening, or every night, or ever morning.  One fluid motion to bring your weapon to the ready position, instantly gaining perfect sight alignment, maintaining perfect alignment as you begin the process of trigger pull until that weapon goes “CLICK” as you held your sights perfectly positioned on your target.

I assure you that when the time comes, you will hit the enemy in front of you.

Remember to control your breathing.  You will have to consciously inhale, then exhale about 1/2 of that breath and hold it as you start your trigger pull.  Consciously squeeze your heart rate down.  In a fight, you need to control your excited heart because heavy heartbeats will make your sight alignment difficult.

You can do all this and its really fun to do.  Plus, no one is shooting at you and you do not need ammunition to do this.

I was given a nice lever-action 30-30 carbine for Christmas many years ago, and I practiced on my sofa exactly as I instructed you here now.  Then after a few weeks I had time to go hunting.

Sitting in the grass at the base of a tree, I heard some skittering rustling sounds behind me.  I turned my head to my right, looking behind me to see three deer running directly at me.  I instantly raised my rifle to firing position, controlled my breathing, got perfect sight alignment and started the trigger squeeze.  The entire movement, which I had practiced hundreds of times, took no more than 2-3 seconds.  Less than three, more than two. BOOM.  Bullet entry was about 1/2 inch above the right eye and exited to the left of the right ear at the back of the skull.

Instant death.  The deer fell straight to the ground.

Ammunition is hard to come by lately.  Its getting expensive and you have no where to train.  So train on your sofa for free.  If the time ever comes when you have to take the shot, you will do so confidently, fluidly, and instantly.

We might have to fight some enemy soon.  Be prepared.




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2 years ago

And with all that, please remember, our most effective weapons are not carnal. We must be consistent,enduring, diligent and watchful in prayer to bring down the enemy strongholds. With the favor of our Righteous Creator; nothing can stand against us. Victory will be ours.

Welcome To The War
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