If I may, tonight I just want to talk.

If you have been keeping up here, then you have more information than you need to know and fully understand that the coronavirus panic was a pre-planned event of global magnitude.  It was the “big move” to create the fertile soil of global governance.  And they succeeded.

You can see their success on the faces of every person who wears a mask.  That mask is a vote for globalism, for tyranny, for false hope.  That mask says “They have me fooled, and I vote.”

I rarely mask up.  Never in stores and seldom at my job.  We are supposed to wear one and it is written into current policy, but no.  And I am not alone.  At first I felt like the lone ranger and was a bit nervous, but I see more and more of my co-workers ditching the mask every day, which is good.  Even the department director and his immediate subordinate (and my immediate boss) skip the mask about half the time.  Good for them.

But we are in trouble.  You know that already, even if you do try to keep the faith.  When no one in the US judicial system stood for truth, the book was closed.  Let me say that again – no one in the US judicial system stood for truth.  None of the judges petitioned even looked at the evidence of voter fraud.

That has to be Free Mason/Shriner influence and control.  Only the Masons have the clout at that level, and the distribution or the reach across state lines and jurisdictions.

Nothing in this world is as it seems.

But we are not of this world, we are merely in it.  This world is dying around us.  Trees, grasses, animals, waters, clouds, birds, mankind – all dying.  The earth itself is ageing and will begin breaking up soon.  Liars will lie.  Killers will kill.  Evil will flourish like like mosquitoes after a spring flood.

But still the end will come.  It will come.

Our hope is as it always has been – in the Creator.  In I AM.  Ani.  I AM.  And He is.

I love my Father.  He is always correct.  He has always been with me, guarding me.  Letting me fail when I willingly did wrong.  Picking me up and asking only that I follow Him.  He saved me.  He turned me from sin.  He taught me His Truth and He is with me now, right now.  He is faithful.  Only Ani is faithful.

He has always been, you know.  There is no beginning for Him.  The Truth was always with Him, as was Wisdom.  Wisdom.  She was with Ani from the beginning.  She.  Balance.  Eternal.

My brother, who is also my friend, was murdered by people who hated to hear what He stood for.  He stood for Righteousness and He stood for Truth.  He was gentle, and kind, and loving, and forgiving and merciful.  I will see Him soon.

It is sad to see the creation of Ani turn to evil and submit to the lies of the adversary.  We are so weak.  Our faith, our Righteousness – filthy rags indeed.  We are so marginal in our professed love for Ani.

Yet I have this to say to many of you here, my true brothers and sisters: Your faith has sustained me in some terrible times.  Your prayers have been effective, changing lives and bringing peace to me and to my home.  Your prayers are heard.  You know who you are.  I cherish you all.  You mean so much to me.  I am grateful for your friendship and I am not worthy of friends as fine as you are.

God is Good.

My heart tells mt that a sudden change is coming.  It will surprise the world but not us.  We will be alarmed, but our confidence will increase.  His hand will move across the world and destruction will result from it but you will be confident.  You will rejoice in the face of His wrath because you are not the object of His wrath.

Whether we live or die is unimportant.  We are celestial beings now.  We are sealed with His mark.  He will pass over His people.  His Holy people.  The peculiar ones.  The aliens.  The foreigners.  The hated and the despised.  He will pass over us to complete His work and to keep His promise to us that He comes to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.

God is Good.

And you my sister, and you my brother – you, too, are good.  Knowing you exist flowers joy in my heart.  You are why I am not for nothing.  My love is for you.

I weep.


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4 thoughts on “If I may, tonight I just want to talk.”

    1. And I with you, dear sister. Have I told you recently how much your Father loves you? He cannot wait for you to walk through the Gate, Kate. He taps His foot as He sits upon His throne, impatient that you should come home. His Righteous anger grows as He measures the wickedness upon the earth. Wickedness that you were not designed to endure. The darkness grows by day, but when no one expects it, His only begotten son, the Living Word, the Truth, will burst upon the world and all will take the knee in acknowledgement of His Holiness. You will see that day, Kate. Then you will truly know what the Angels know. Soon, Kate.

      1. Once again you have brought tears to my eyes…my dear, dear Jerry.
        You are my only source of encouragement on this earth. I am truly blessed to have you as my brother x0x. Thank you Abba Yah!
        Thank you for your encouraging words.
        Yes, I feel that it will be soon….the days, weeks and months are being shortened…
        I also believe that ‘something’ shifted in the spirit realm last week…wednesday lunch time here in oz…there are no words to describe it.
        Did you sense it?
        As I read the Word lately, it all seems to be describing these current times…but The Most High…El Elyon…has the final say. HallaluYAH.
        May our Abba keep you sheltered under the shadow of His Wings, may His angels keep you hidden and protected from the evil rulers of this current age; and may His favor go before you.
        Stay strong and much shalom 💗

        1. Kate, thanks for your loving kindness. You are a hero to me, a fighter. You make my own life better, and I am grateful to know you. Very grateful. As for something shifting in the spirit realm last week, yes I did sense something turning. I think we are seeing it in the sudden quest to inject children, the sudden idea that lockdowns should be permanent, and other disturbing thoughts. But a doubling-down on the lockdowns is taking place. Biden wants the mask-free states to go back to the mask before “something bad happens”, so we can expect a sudden, widespread resurgence of the planned virus. They will blame it on the free faces, condemn the informed, demand that injections be required for employment, etc.

          But you, Miss Kate, you go do something that makes you happy. Ignore this stuff because we cannot fix it. Only Ani [ 🙂 ] can change this and He will not because this has to happen. Its the division, the separation of the Righteous from the unrighteous. Do this, Kate – ask your Righteous ones if they plan on getting the injection. I bet you that none of those who follow Torah will get the injections. Why would they refuse? Because the Spirit of El Elyon resides within us, and it is His spirit that guides our steps. The Elect are not deceived, Kate. All things will be revealed.

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