I Refuse To Wear A Mask Any Longer. The Mask Is A LIE.

For a long time I wore a mask in order to show respect to the private property owners like Walgreens, HEB, WalMart and others.  But NO MORE.These big corporations have become nothing more than enforcement agents for corrupt governments.  I am sick to my stomach of the lunacy of masking.  Common masks do not stop ANY virus whatsoever, and it is absolutely common medical knowledge.  I went along with it for a long time, knowing full well that these masks were nonsense.

No more.

We have been lied to on a massive scale for months about this weak, flaccid bug called Covid-19.  Google is banning channel after channel of DOCTORS who use actual facts to prove Covid is just a weak virus that is no more dangerous than many other infectious diseases.  Collusion among some organizations is plainly, obviously in play.

Listen to me – If you cannot get that nasty rag off your face and KEEP IT OFF in light of the truth and facts that prove these masks are utterly useless, utterly needless and represent a huge lie being forced onto the whole earth answer this:

HOW WILL YOU SAY NO TO THE ANTI-CHRIST, who will KILL you for disobedience?

If you cannot grasp truth when you see it, how will you deny Satan?

If you cannot rip this damned lie off your face when the facts prove with no doubt that the corona virus is nothing to fear, what makes you think you will stand up to the anti-christ and his beast governing system?

Do you really think that you will say “No” to the anti-christ and subsequently be killed when you won’t even take a mask off your face because you are afraid of someone merely saying something to you about it?

If you will not stand boldly against this corona manipulation, I strongly doubt you will manage to stand against a government that will kill you for non-compliance.

The genocide is coming.  You better brace yourself and know what you believe in.  The best thing Americans can to is to throw that mask in the garbage.  Tell your kids in public schools to throw their masks on the floor of the schools and refuse to wear them.  Let the schools howl like hyenas.  Who cares?

Students, you absolutely do not need to wear one of those damned masks for health reasons.  If all of you band together and throw your masks on the floor in the hallways, your school will lose control of you and you will feel free.  Have a “Mask-Free Monday”.  Start the week off with a bang.  Ditch those masks, kids.  You are being terribly abused, and so are your teachers.



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