I Am Not For Nothing

Originally posted on January 10, 2020 @ 11:44 am

I know that Yahuah will get His investment out of me.  His Word will return to Him with a good return on investment.  He raised me up from the darkness of death and hell.  He brought me out of the dark heart of wickedness.  He taught me His Words.  He and He alone saved me.  He saved me although I am unworthy of salvation in every way.  My body is a carbon-based machine made from dirt, and my being was created and made alive by and through the Will of Yahuah.

Because if Him I exist, and only because of Him.

In my life on earth, I have crawled through my existence many times on my knees, tears running off my face; despair coursing through my veins.  I have aged and aged and aged.  Now I am old, and alone.  I am laughed at and ridiculed.  I am rejected by my own flesh and blood; ignored by those who have known me my whole life.  My children turn their face from praise of Yahuah.  My former church refused any word I offered them, calling me an outsider, different, and “not like them”.

But I know my Father.  I know He loves me and cares for me.  Although I am poor, He has His eye on me.  Though I sin, He offers mercy to me, and promise, and hope.  His sun He gives me; His blue sky, His clouds, rivers and grass.  He gives me the laughter of children, the song of birds; the music of rain; trees, flowers and peace.  He gives me peace.

He teaches me always.  His throne I see.  His authority I submit to and respect.  He is rightfully God.  Those in Heaven love Him.  They turn to face Him constantly.  They love Him.  There is joy there.  There is laughter and there is total love for one another.  No fear exists there.  No self-consciousness.  No sense even of self, for all live in the love of Yahuah.

He told me that He comes to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous, and that when He separates the Righteous from the wicked, there will be suffering.  The suffering will be intense, and He specifically causes it, not Satan.  It is Yahuah who swings the flaming sword.  It is His method and His Will.  Fear Him.

We are known by our deeds – our obedience to His commands.  Only Satan will teach that we need not study and obey the commands of Yahuah.  Only Satan teaches that.

So although I am nothing, I have everything.  Though I walk through this valley of death, I do not fear the evil in it because I know that Yahuah is beside me.  He is always near me.  He is right by my side in the grieving of my very soul, and when He comes for me, I am ready.

I am not for nothing.


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2 years ago

HallaluYah! 💗 Abba provides for His children, those are are within His Camp. He IS the wall of protection around His household.
(BTW, 62 is NOT old lol.😄 )
Much Shalom ♡ and stay strong.

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