Hurricane Harvey Is A Major Warning

The destruction of Houston is far worse, and of a much wider scale than we can properly wrap our brains around.

Houston is a very large, very muscular, intelligent and hard-working city.  I know, because I lived there until 2012, and was professionally employed to recruit mechanical engineers for the oil and gas companies.  Houston is a “Super City”.

It has the largest deep-water port in the United States, and trade from all over the world enters through the Houston Ship Channel.  Trucking, manufacturing, and oil refining are all oriented around Houston and the thousands of oil tankers lined up to deliver crude oil to the refineries linked just below.

So far, within a week of Harvey, 16 oil refineries around Houston have closed due to flooding.  One of them, an Arab-owned refinery named Motiva, is the largest oil refinery in the United States.  Others, like Shell, Exxon, British Petroleum are also present, but smaller than Motiva.

Motiva closed up 48 hours ago.

My wife just texted me that, as she and her mother are driving around our small town, she noticed that gas pumps had the yellow bags over the pump handles already.  All over Texas, even far north Texas, gas stations are low and/or out of gasoline.

So buy as much gas as you can afford or have containers for.  We might run out.  And then the price of gasoline will likely double in a few weeks.

“A days wages for a quart of wheat, or a jar of barley”

Also watch the default mortgages on the 10’s of thousands of homes in Houston that are destroyed due to flooding.  The huge majority of them did not have flood insurance.  And the home owners – where are they going to work if the business was destroyed?

As the loans fail, what will happen to the banks that hold the liens on homes that are destroyed?  They cannot sell them.  So the banks go to the government, aka Mr. Trump, who will have a hard time doling out money to the banks because he knows they are crooked as snakes.

So we have some bank failures, maybe Wells-Fargo.  Huge, corrupt.  Just today I learned that Wells-Fargo magically “discovered” they have over 3,000,000 FRAUDULENT bank accounts.  WHAT???

You are important to me and you should probably take some big steps now to protect yourself as well as you can.  Fuel in your cars, stored fuel in safe containers, food that will store well, ammunition, and courage.

Read your Bible and trust that your Lord Yahuah loves you.

Do remember that Yeshua is our Lord.  This alarming crisis is indeed unbelievably bad, but Jesus is still Lord.   Yeshua promised that we would see things like this, and more.  That black moon which eclipsed all across America was a message for America.

The Feast of Trumpets, a feast specified by Yahuah, is in the third week of September, the 21st it begins.  Is a harpazo (rapture) of the faithful pending around that date?


Hurricane Harvey – The First Knock At The Door

Before some rise unto heaven, there will be many other “Harveys” around the United States.  East coast, west coast, mid-continent – earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other events.

(three hours later…) I just returned from getting gasoline.  Two big stations – empty with people being pushy for access to the empty pumps.  Going to the third, I observed a big gas tanker pulling in, and I got directly behind it and was second man at pump eight.

Tanker man pumped in 8600 gallons of this emergency order (I asked, thats how I know), pressurized the storage tank, and we were gassing up at the 20 or so pumps.  This was at HEB Grocery, so props to HEB.  Huge grocery company owned by Henry Butt, a solid Christian man for decades.

Drove to a fourth gas station at a new convenience store to buy my boyos some carbonated sugar to drink, and there was a big crowd gassing there, lined up in the four-lane street in front.

I wanted to start a betting pool on what time they would run out today, when a lady walked in and said “You ran out after I pumped in only 38-cents!”  It was funny, but not for the people who have no fuel. Certainly not for her, her family or her employer.

I don’t know where the gasoline will come from. because almost HALF of America’s gasoline comes from Texas and Louisiana, a smidgen from Mississippi and Alabama.

But before the oil can fuel your car, it needs to be refined. According to the EIA, most of the country’s oil refining (about 41 percent) takes place in Texas and the Gulf states — which is why gas prices quickly rise whenever there’s a hurricane in Louisiana. Another 20 percent takes place in Midwestern states and about 18 percent of America’s oil gets refined into gasoline along the East Coast [source: Energy Information Administration].

This will impact you no matter where you live. If you are saved and show it through your worshipful obedience to the commands of Yahuah, then trust Him.  If you are unsaved and wish to be saved, confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, confess that you are a sinner and undeserving of Heaven, and ask Jesus to fill you with His spirit, to manifest Himself within you, and STUDY His Word.



Originally posted on August 31, 2017 @ 9:59 pm


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4 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey Is A Major Warning”

  1. Jerry Jerry jerry, EL SHADDAY is truly talking through you.
    You rocked my boat brother with this today WOW! .
    My name is Leon Baker I live in Perth Australia . I am a simple man who does not go to church at the moment but I love my Lord Jesus we walk together always,I study the Bible but find it hard to put it all together as you do. I have had visions, dreams and the Holy Spirit has audibly spoken twice,the very few Christians I told about them scoffed at what I was saying so I don’t talk much to church people now . I spirit is jumping with excitement(well that’s how I feel) after listening to your understanding of the Bible. My most beautiful sweet lord JESUS has given me help in my jouneythrough you that I need in correctly understanding the Bible,and HE has given me a new brother I am so thankful.
    May GOD keep on blessing you with wisdom that we all may benefit and grow


    1. Leon, your passion for Yeshua is beautiful, and you have a brother in me. Continue to read His Word, and the Holy Spirit of Yahuah, the (Ruach Hakodesh) will teach you the meaning of everything. If you do not yet speak in the unknown tongue of the Holy Spirit, begin doing so, as this will edify you. “Edification” is when the Holy Spirit edifies your mind and character, and He does so when you speak in that unknown tongue. And don’t be embarrassed or feel like a looney 🙂 When I began to speak in tongues it was at night when I was alone in the desert. I had never heard of such a thing and I had no idea what was happening, but I was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and He consumed me. I thought I was officially crazy, and like you, I read my bible but did not attend church. You keep it up, Leon. The Lord Yahuah is calling His people, and you are His.

      As for talking to other Christians, I also find them non-receptive. Many are jealous and do not want to hear the word of a fellow son of God. Almost no one wants to listen, Leon. But they don’t want to obey God, either, so you are in good company 🙂 And brother, there are a few people out there who hunger and thirst for Him. Prepare through prayer and study to teach them.

      I, too, have had visions and heard the voice of Yahuah. No one wants to hear me speak of that, either, lol. Some do. Anytime you want to share your experiences with Yahuah, feel free to share them with me. I am excited to hear of your life with Him, Leon. Being a man who has experienced the mysterious ways of the Lord, you will find me a willing hearer.

      May my Father Yahuah lead you into all the ways of Righteousness. May He manifest Himself in you as you seek and obey His commands. As your faith is exemplified by your obedience to His Word, I pray that you will become a mighty lion of truth, as one calling in the wilderness that the Lord God Yahuah is God, there is none equal to Him, that He is life, and light, and truth and mercy and wisdom. Be patient in all things, Leon. Hold to the Word of Yahuah and rejoice when you are persecuted for His Name’s sake. Persecution is a cloak of honor to those who are His.

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