Human 2.0 – How “The Vaccine” Will Edit Human DNA, Creating a Non-Human Hybrid

How would you like it if a band of gangsters came into your home while you were asleep, woke you and force injected chemicals into you, your spouse and your children, all while you stood there screaming and sobbing, begging them to stop?

Well guess what?

Its either going to be forced into your bloodstream against your will, or you will willingly take the injection after weeks of starvation and homelessness.  Sure, lots of people will run to the nearest injection facility clapping their hands and hating non-vaxxers.  Most of the world fits that group.  But the non-vaxxers are the smart ones, for sure.

Yesterday my neighbor rolled his trash can to the curb for trash pickup, and he wore a mask over his face to do it.  He is about 30 years old and in apparent good health.  So why the mask?

I have no idea.  Some kind of mental or emotional breakage, for sure.  There is a difference between being uninformed, and being so stupid that one does not bother to discover that he is uninformed.  To simply refuse to learn is itself a form of mental illness, and to blindly accept any information without looking into the validity of it is deadly.  That kind of intellectual zombification is deadly, a fatal mental disease that effects my young neighbor.

Almost comedic, when I walked back into my house and down the hall to the living room, I saw out the side window the young man’s father pulling weeds in his back yard, no mask.

So son goes out one door into the yard wearing a mask, and dad goes out another door into a different yard without a mask.  Both do this at the same time, and they will both go back into the house, where sonny boy will lose the mask and suck the wind exhaled by daddy, which he would do even if he wore that mask 24×7.

Mask = crazy people.

Yes, we respect private businesses and wear masks where businesses require them.  That is the respectful thing to do.  But wearing one outdoors anywhere, or in the car or at home?  Poor people.  Some of them are so scared they cannot see straight.

And you will be too, after you listen to this doctor educate you on the type of vaccine Moderna is producing. Moderna is Gates/Soros/Fauci’s pharmaceutical company, if you don’t know.

Moderna = Mod-e-RNA = Modify RNA.  “Taking the human out of Humanity, one DNA modification at a time.”

This is Dr. Carrie Madej.  Her youtube channel is



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1 year ago

Jerry. Once again thank you. You truly talk to the inner , spirit guided body of truth. I just wanted to let you know , we are out there and standing

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