Huge Swarm of UFO’s Bypass ISS Only 220 Miles Above Earth. Satan Wants His Throne.

UFOs are real, and so are the organisms which fly them.  I do not know what they are, whether demon or an artificial life form.  Personally, I think they are very high-grade robots, designed by Satan.  I refer to them as “robotic, artificially intelligent semi-autonomous networked devices”.  My hypothesis is is that Satan designed and built the initial units after the flood when he needed help, and that he intends to use them to create a powerful deception as he works to undermine the faith of marginal believers.

I do have personal experience in this matter.

Whatever the”aliens” are, I personally give you my word that they are not benevolent, but are as wicked as any devil under heaven.  I am posting this video tonight because it shows a swarm of very many (over 100 just in the stationary camera view) in the upper regions of our atmosphere.  I say “atmosphere” because ISS, the space station we have up there, is only 220 miles from the ground.

This is important because Satan is making his push to declare himself god, and these “aliens” are going to be part of his operation.  I don’t know in what capacity.  Some think that we will be told that the aliens are a superior life form, and that they worship Jesus, but because they have never “sinned”, they are qualified to lead us.  Many of the top research scientists managing the Vaticans’ world-class astronomical telescopes consider these “aliens” to be from another world and worthy of submitting to.

The Catholic leadership just this summer had a big conference discussing what exactly to do when these entities arrive.  Although they are said to be from “outer space”, there is very strong evidence that they actually reside in the earth.  Space is sexy.  Underground is creepy.  Ask Phil Schneider.

With the World Economic Forum working madly to seize control of the entire planet, this never before seen large swarm of UFO’s is concerning.  Something is going on that cannot possibly be good.


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3 thoughts on “Huge Swarm of UFO’s Bypass ISS Only 220 Miles Above Earth. Satan Wants His Throne.”

    1. ISS (International Space Station) never comments on these things, but Starlink is a ‘no’. Starlink satellites travel in single file, like a train, across the sky. I have never seen them in the sky, only in videos. What we see in the video here is the real thing. But I have seen larger swarms from the same platform. Its just the servants of Satan getting ready for the big show. They are all over right now, and will only increase.

  1. I saw what they called a galactic storm about ten years ago. It was midnight here in Britain but 6pm in America where others saw the event. I thought it was Satan and his angels being cast down from heaven.

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