How To Guarantee Major Tsunamis On The East and West Coasts Of USA – Would Also Fulfill Multiple Specific Prophecies

As I pondered the La Palma volcano activity, it suddenly occurred to me that La Palma is the perfect setup for the destruction of the United States.

As you have likely seen, the volcano action is more or less in the central part of the island, and the earthquake action is generally located in the southern center of the island.

In the first image below there is a map of La Palma and we can see the location of the Cumbre Vieja volcano:

The volcano is more or less in the center of the island.  And since it is a volcano, an active and violent ongoing volcano that has been spewing lava and ash continually for over a month now, one might rationally expect that, if there are also accompanying earthquakes, they would be near, under and around the volcano, which is obviously obtaining magma (underground lava) from a big hole in the mantle, right?

But that is not the case.

The earthquakes are happening in an area miles to the southeast of the volcano.  There have been hundreds of earthquakes there, and they are growing incrementally stronger almost every day.  Stronger earthquakes as time goes by will probably break up the rocky composite of that end of the island, and considering that the island has been shaking from these endless earthquakes for over a month, we might surmise that the superstructure of the island is weakening every day, too.

Will the island collapse into the sea?

Well, maybe so.  Not the entire island, but most likely the area that is being hammered by the hundreds of earthquakes will loosen up and slide into the sea if anything like that happens.

Would that cause a “mega tsunami”?  I do not see how it possibly could.  Maybe the west coast of Africa and Gibraltar would take some significant hits, but would this destroy the eastern coast of the United States?  I’m no tsunami/earthquake/mass/momentum guru but La Palma is a very small island relative to the USA, or even relative to a county in your state (we have counties in America).  La Palma is only 273 square miles in size.  I think we have a cattle ranch in Texas larger than that.

Nonetheless, La Palma does seem to be under some kind of energy weapon attack that is creating all these earthquakes.  I wrote on this before and there is still plenty of network discussion about it.  I tested the software used to discover the grid pattern of earthquakes on La Palma and yes, the grid pattern is what I got.  It has not been ‘corrected’ so we must assume that the information is accurate.

Or we might assume that it is disinformation by deep state to prepare us for the possibility that La Palma is about to see a big part of itself fall into the sea.  There exists the possibility that we are being conditioned to believe that a wee speck of land falling from a flea-sized island thousands of miles from the United States will magically create giant tsunamis that destroy the sea coast of the former greatest nation in world history.

La Palma is in a “The Simpsons” video, too.  Bet you didn’t know that :)  I didn’t, and many of us know by now that “The Simpsons” has foretold many major events, like the World Trade Center collapse and Covid-19.  Isn’t that special?

Watch from 34:40 (at 34 minutes, 40 seconds into it the La Palma main points begin) and watch for about 15 minutes.  The Masons are doing the wicked things in America and elsewhere.  The entire video is excellent.  If you have the time, just play the entire thing.

La Palma might be a hybrid “false flag” that uses nature and nuclear weapons to create tsunamis to destroy the east coast of the United States.  If you’re going to destroy a super-power, you “go big”.  This way the World Economic Forum/Masons destroy America and make it look like an Act of God, a natural event.  No Russians, no Communists, just nature.  Then bring in the Chinese and Russians to “help stabilize America in this time of global hardship”.

See how tidy that is?

Regardless of the earthquake grid and the tsunami talk, there still exists the insurmountable problem of mass and displacement.  Rocks sliding off into the water off a very small island thousands or miles away do not carry the force necessary to create super tsunamis that jet across the thousands of miles of ocean to become nation killers.

To accomplish that, one would have to steer large comets into an intersecting path with the earth and hope that it hits both the planet and your target, or cheat and use nuclear weapons under the sea to create the tsunami size you require.  Just sort of dial-a-size and you pick the location.  This will be immensely more efficient than comet-guiding or earthquake-making.  Plus, Biden can declare martial law and cancel elections.

How perfect is that?

Many Prophesies Of Tsunamis Striking The Coasts Of America

Chapter Seven – Ancient Prophecies of America.  The tsunami scenario is in multiple prophecies and I have recorded a chapter from a book by Michael Snyder where he put together prophecies from multiple sources.  There is a lot of detail here.


I pray that Yahuah has mercy on us all.  No doubt America deserves its destruction, but there are some righteous people here.  Maybe Yahuah will spare many of the righteous, but personally, I would rather my body just die.  Don’t you want to go where our home truly is?  Aren’t you ready for peace?  Don’t you want to move into the place that Yahusha has built for you?  Oh yeah!


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karla altiero
karla altiero
2 years ago

A documentary shows conditions there could cause land slide mega T. 9-11 is on currency as is tidal wave over NY aided by nuke!

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

Oh I forgot to mention. I think one way we (the USA) can get their mega tsunamis is when the sun micronovas again.

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

Brother I am ready for peace. But I got this tug in my heart that says we have much good work to do in the name of our Majestic One Yahuah our Lord our God our Savior. Thank you Yeshua for placing your hand out to invite us to the battles ahead.

I just got word that there are now possibly three different volcanic eruptions on La Palma. This can’t be a good development.

Jerry Richter
2 years ago

Thank you brother Jerry for all of your research, and for this blog. J. R.

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