How The Hospitals Were Bribed To Accumulate “Covid Deaths”; How The Hospitals Facilitated “Covid Deaths”; Why This Scheme Worked So Well and Why Obedience Can Kill You.


The information in this writing is disturbing, but what information these days is not?  We live in the time that we all knew was coming, and although it is a tremendous honor to live during these days, we will shed the bitter tears of many sorrows.  Count on that.

I stumbled into a treasure trove of hard-earned information a few days ago, and have spent hours listening to and learning from a woman that I do not know.  Remarkable depth, wisdom and understanding.  Listening to her is kind of like drinking from a firehose, because her spoken words are loaded with information.  She covers a lot of ground, repeats things at various points in her presentations, and generally leaves one realizing that there is a lot of information that requires re-examination.

So it is with me on this video.  My portion of it for this writing covers only 52 minutes of data from a 3 hour+ video, which I have watched twice and will watch again.  I plan to do the remaining portion in two separate, additional writings.  I urge you to start watching these videos produced by this remarkable woman.  Such common sense, and she has many videos.  Many, and all of them pertinent.

My writing today begins on the information covered from the 1hr:42min mark from the video linked at bottom.  The extent of my writing runs until 2hr:31min:44sec, for a total of about 50 minutes.

I chose this section of the video because of a very well done segment on the hospitalization of alleged “covid” sufferers.  For the very first time, from information in her videos (Sorry that I do not know her name.  Seems rude of me but I cannot find it anywhere.  Perhaps that is best.) I am able to draw a picture for you of how much money the federal government paid the hospitals to kill people, and how the hospitals did it.

There’s more.  She included a study that you might be aware of where people were chosen to use electric shock to punish others, all in an academic setting.  The Milgram Experiment.

I will conclude with some brilliant information regarding the “Space Force”, coming from an angle that I never imagined and which makes such crystal clear sense.   If you believe that the word “firmament” in Genesis means “firmament”, you will smile when you read the Space Force section below.

What I want to share with you first pertains to the money paid to hospitals when they had a “covid” patient.  Someone in the US government was paying huge money to the hospitals to kill anyone who came in the doors.  When you have the information that follows, you will plainly see that the hospitals were induced to wrongly test, diagnose and and treat alleged “covid” patience.

A doctor Peterson with Americas Frontline Doctors breaks down bribery paid to hospitals to the following seven points. (See video)

  1. Money is paid for giving a free Covid test
  2. Money is paid for a POSITIVE test result
  3. Money is paid to admit patients who test positive
  4. Money is paid to treat them specifically with Remdesivir – “Disclaimer: This drug has not been found by FDA to be safe and effective, and this labeling has not been approved by FDA.”
  5. Money is paid to put them on a ventilator
  6. Money is paid to put ‘Cause of death Covid’ on death certificate
  7. Money is paid to the coroners for covid death certification

MASSIVE FINANCIAL INDUCEMENT. $100,000 per death from “covid”, ten of those per day as fast as possible and that’s one million $USD per day at about 90 percent profit.  Does the hospital administrator get a bonus?  Has anyone looked into who at the top gets paid a percent of the profits?  Either in direct cash bonus or additional stock?  The nurses keep saying that the orders to ventilate come “from the top”, but never name a name.  Did the head nurse or the floor nurse also get a piece of that blood money?

From these steps, it is estimated by the doctors (see video) that around $100,000 cash was paid to hospitals for every “covid” death.  As you will see in the video, plenty of people, probably most who allegedly died from “covid”, did not die from covid.  Many of them died from the specific “treatment” the hospitals demanded be administered.

Obviously the hospitals were richly paid to test, confirm, confine, intoxicate, ventilate, terminate and certify death by covid, regardless of the actual cause of death.  One patient was ventilated for mere scratches on his forehead from a broken windshield, and he pulled the ventilator tube out of his throat when he regained consciousness, much to the surprise of the nurses, who demanded that he accept the tube again.  They argued for nearly an hour. Its in the video.

Drugs Used To Kill The Healthy

Covid killed very few people, but to make sure that as many patients as possible were fully monetized, many hospitals tested, got positive results, admitted the “patient” to the hospital, put them on multiple IV drips (up to eight at once – see video), stuck a breathing tube down their throat, waited for death and got the signed Cause of Death as “covid”.

People were often, maybe very often hooked up to as many as eight different and concurrent IV bags containing these paralytic and sedative drugs: (Forgive my spelling, I wrote them down as I heard them)

  1. Nimbex, 100mg
  2. Pesodex?, 400mg
  3. Fentanyl, 2500 ug
  4. Heparin, 25000IU
  5. Versed 50mg -“Warnings Versed can slow or stop your breathing, especially if you have…
  6. Aleiveafed?, 16000 ?
  7. Neol?, 50mg ?
  8. Propofol, 10mg
  9. Vasopressin, 100mg

These are all individual IV’s, all administered simultaneously.  Together, at once.  Some of these are sedatives and paralyzers.  Many are essentially drugs that are used to prepare someone for major surgery; a patient that you do not want to wake up.  But using all of them together, as the nurse said who provides the list, the patient would never survive.

The Milgram Experiment

“In the 1960s, psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted a series of studies on the concepts of obedience and authority. His experiments involved instructing study participants to deliver increasingly high-voltage shocks to an actor in another room, who would scream and eventually go silent as the shocks became stronger. The shocks weren’t real, but study participants were made to believe that they were.

Milgram’s conclusions about humanity’s willingness to obey authority figures remain influential and well-known.
      • The goal of the Milgram experiment was to test the extent of humans’ willingness to obey orders from an authority figure.
      • Participants were told by an experimenter to administer increasingly powerful electric shocks to another individual. Unbeknownst to the participants, shocks were fake and the individual being shocked was an actor.
      • The majority of participants obeyed, even when the individual being shocked screamed in pain.

In the most well-known version of Stanley Milgram’s experiment, the 40 male participants were told that the experiment focused on the relationship between punishment, learning, and memory. The experimenter then introduced each participant to a second individual, explaining that this second individual was participating in the study as well. Participants were told that they would be randomly assigned to roles of “teacher” and “learner.” However, the “second individual” was an actor hired by the research team, and the study was set up so that the true participant would always be assigned to the “teacher” role.

During the study, the learner was located in a separate room from the teacher (the real participant), but the teacher could hear the learner through the wall. The experimenter told the teacher that the learner would memorize word pairs and instructed the teacher to ask the learner questions. If the learner responded incorrectly to a question, the teacher would be asked to administer an electric shock. The shocks started at a relatively mild level (15 volts) but increased in 15-volt increments up to 450 volts. (In actuality, the shocks were fake, but the participant was led to believe they were real.)

Participants were instructed to give a higher shock to the learner with each wrong answer. When the 150-volt shock was administered, the learner would cry out in pain and ask to leave the study. He would then continue crying out with each shock until the 330-volt level, at which point he would stop responding.

During this process, whenever participants expressed hesitation about continuing with the study, the experimenter would urge them to go on with increasingly firm instructions, culminating in the statement, “You have no other choice, youmust go on.” The study ended when participants refused to obey the experimenter’s demand, or when they gave the learner the highest level of shock on the machine (450 volts).

Milgram found that participants obeyed the experimenter at an unexpectedly high rate: 65% of the participants gave the learner the 450-volt shock.”

END of

The results proved “surprising” in “the sheer strength of obedient tendencies”; in this first reported experiment, 26 of 40 American subjects shocked the victims at the highest level. Twenty variations with more than 600 additional subjects yielded similar outcomes.

Instead, the public is generally left with Milgram’s own impression as explained in his book Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View (1974): “Tyrannies are perpetuated by diffident men who do not possess the courage to act out their beliefs.” Or, even more broadly, in the subtitle of his Harper’s article from the previous year: “A social psychologist’s experiments show that most people will hurt their fellows rather than disobey an authority.

This will happen on a planet-wide scale when the Mark is demanded.  You have been warned. – jwd

The Milgram experiment, which is exceedingly known and studied by tyrants, dictators and murderers world-wide, proved with out doubt that decent human beings can be led to do the worst things.  What is not in the information above is this: The Milgram experimenters specifically sought Christian leaders and outspoken Christians for this experiment.  They intentionally selected those who might be most resistant to administering harm, and these Christian men overwhelmingly administered fatal levels of electrocution to target subjects for incorrectly remembering a word pair.

If Christian men, selected for their alleged predilection towards mercy and kindness and love, would overwhelmingly murder test subjects on the command of an authority figure for a mere error in memorizing two words, what percentage of nurses and doctors will murder medical patients testing positive for “Covid” in an environment of panic, terror, fear, frenzy and confusion?

Remember the comments by the nurses saying that the command to ventilate these covid-positive people came from “higher up”?

It came from authority figures, with the key figure being Dr. Anthony Fauci, the doctor in the white lab coat carrying the clipboard.

Dr Fauci Lab Coat - Anthony Fauci Shows Us The Right Way To Be An ...

Current “therapies” are delineated at the National Institute of Health website here:–therapeutic-management/

The current treatment guidelines are different from what was practiced two years ago, but Remdesivir is still demanded by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

For good, current and accurate information on Remdesivir and its kill-rate, read this:


It appears obvious that the intent of the prescribed treatment, accompanied by massive cash inducements to continually escalate hospital treatment to achieve the death of the patient was planned, and that Fauci was the “authority figure in the white lab coat” ordering ever higher voltages applied to patients who merely missed a memorized word pair.  Covid has a one percent death rate.  One percent.

Remdesivir had a 53% death rate which is considerably higher than that of Covid, as opposed to the lowest death rate of the monoclonal antibody drug Regeneron. With Covid, Remdesivir statistics from 2,058 deaths on CMS data (Medicare) revealed a death rate of 26%, and 46% of those died within 14 days of treatment. The mortality rate from Covid is around 1%, depending on the country.


Dr. Anthony Fauci advocated for Remdesivir therapy in April of 2020. In his own citation of the Gilead study, 53 people from the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan, reported 60% adverse events  – from renal failure to liver problems to multiple organ failure. The NIH even now warns about renal failure and liver toxicity from Remdesivir. The World Health Organization (WHO) – does not recommend it for use in Covid patients. Fauci does.

WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.” World Health Organization

So we have a so-called “expert” doctor who advocates for a treatment that is known to kill and is not effective against the Covid virus. We have a Federal Agency that is also advocating it be used for Covid patients knowing full well that it can kill. That same agency pulled the life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments known to save lives. In the face of all the information against Remdesivir, it appears the Federal government and its experts are not “listening to the science” at all.

A rational, unbiased reader of this information might conclude that the Federal government, led by the authority figure in the white lab coat, intentionally put in motion a plan to murder Americans in the millions.  The Federal government was fully on board, having access to all the data and writing the checks to the hospitals for the incentives to escalate treatment to ventilation.

It is obvious.  The death rate had to be escalated in order to stampede the frightened public to the needle.  The “vaccinations” were the objective the entire time.  This is your own government.  Governments are the super-killers, the mass-murderers throughout history.

Disobedience must be in your toolkit.  It is essential.  Never submit to evil.  Do not submit.  Stand up, speak out.  Do not go along to “get along”.  The lives of everyone you love are at stake.

"The globalists create confusion by design so that people see a ...

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.  The bell tolls for you.

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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 year ago

Good morning, Jerry. I really look forward to reading this entire topic on COVID you are providing. However, in the meantime, I was also very interested in reading your point on the “firmament” topic, but (unless I am missing something from my quick scan) I am unable to locate such information above?

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

Ok. I now better understand your comment above regarding Space Force and the firmament. I misunderstood that statement. I thought you had intentionally posted something in this post about the firmament and I was looking for it. Nonetheless, I will look into your suggestions on Operation Dominic and Fish Bowl. Have a blessed day brother.

karla altiero
karla altiero
1 year ago

Family of young woman with down syndrome said she was killed in hospital with cocktail of paralyzing / sedating drugs. Covid patient . Family put up billboard saying hospital killed her.

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