HOT: Russia Guarantees To Attack US Carrier Fleet Off Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated March 18th (three days ago) that Russia “guarantees” to attack the US Carrier Battle Group that launches any attack against Damascus which inadvertently kills Russian personnel, and there are many Russian workers of various rank (diplomatic, medical, engineering, etc) in Damascus.

Naturally, the US military is determined to strike Damascus, and it appears that they will do so within days, waiting only on a poison gas attack to take place.  Gas, I might add, that the US apparently supplied to the terrorists in order to make it seem as if Assad (President, Syria) gassed his own people.

When the Russians “guarantee” to strike the “square” of ocean containing the assaulting US Navy vessels, they mean the grid-square.  Since the Russians already include smaller tactical nuclear weapons in their battle doctrine, then it is most likely that they plan to use nuclear weapons to take out the “square”.

This is the Russian response to the US military placing THREE nuclear-armed Carrier Battle Groups around Syria in the last few days.

This is a very serious development, and at some point Damascus will become a “pile of rubble” according to the Word of Yahuah in Isiah 17:2-6.  Therefore, it is wise to become knowledgeable and to prepare for potential shortages or worse.

That said, I read and emailed my wife this link this morning.  It’s a good reminder of things we should plan for.  Some people do not “prepare”, claiming that Yahuah will provide.  Do you know that is the same idea that the satan tried to use on Yahusha as they stood on the top of the Temple?  The liar wanted Yahusha to jump, citing that angels would prevent Him from being hurt.

And what did Yahusha say?

Thou shall not temp Yahuah“.  Not prepping is the same exact thing.  Not prepping is the modern, end-times equivalent of standing on the peak of the Temple… and jumping, shouting “God will provide!”  all the way down to splat.

Everyone has limited resources, so deal with it.

If we who have the testimony of Yahusha and keep His commands are removed from the population by Yahuah, then your extra food, water, medicine, weapons and Holy Bibles will be available for those who turn to Yahuah during the worst of the tribulation.

Nuthin’ but love!

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