Hmmm… Is It Possible That Your Common Chinese-Made Dust Mask Has Parasites Embedded Into It?

Apparently, parasites are in the mask filtering material of the most commonly used masks in the American market.  I still need some qualified lab analysis of these fibers, but for now I am marginally persuaded that there are living hair-like parasites in the filter material of Chinese-made dust masks.  See for yourself…  These “fibers” respond to human breath, according th our video creator.  They only respond to human breath, not hair dryers or other sources of moving air.  He exemplifies that behavior by blowing through a drinking straw.

This guy is a medic and has pretty good medical connections, so I give him some credibility.  I have seen these possible parasites before but witheld comment until now.  This video creator does specify that he treated several suspected parasites with chemicals designed to kill parasites, and the suspect fibers stopped moving.  This video is not the most disturbing of the similar videos I have seen.  Multiple sources are independently reporting on this subject so if you have to wear a “mask of allegiance”, wear your own.  Something you can wash.

Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger”, is doing some excellent research into this, and he also has found these mystery fibers in all of the Chinese samples he has tested.  In contrast, the Thai masks are better made, offer much better filtration and do not have any foreign anomalies in them.

Mike has a highly magnified image of a red filament embedded in the filtrate of the Chinese mask he examined.

See many more images from Mike Adams at Seans’ SGT Report

From the video creator…


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Bought a Digital Microscope about 7 days ago. I work for the FD in a Major City in VA. I put all the N95’s & Surgical Masks under the scope from our “COVID SUPPLIES”. I found all of these things in all the masks even the ones that were sealed from the manufacture. This video is my first look at a mask purchased at Walmart today. Sorry about all the background noise, however, our Rulers have taken school from our children. Not that I trust them, my children will never go back into their system again.

Sorry about cracking on RN’s, I have a ton of RN friends, however, it seems to me, during the Beta Test called 2020 they have forgotten all of the fundamentals of medicine. You can show them all the numbers in the world. Like a day-by-day census from the previous year, and it wouldn’t matter, they will still believe they are fighting a mysterious pathogen that has so many rules of engagement.” END


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2 years ago

Hi Jerry,
My name is Aviyah.I did change my name as my birth name honoured a Norse deity.I could no longer use it, and was led to this beautiful name which means my Father is YAHUAH
Thankyou for sending out items to me.I am so sad to how this world has become so corrupted.
I live in New Zealand and I believe we are all ie the remnant maybe being separated.Both my daughters think I am mad and I feel quite separated from them. and am classified as extreme.
Yahuah knows how to deliver His people and my trust is in Him.
New Zealand is now exploring a digital vaccine passport.The world is all synchronised and the pressure will keep on.I am glad to stumble on your site.I love using the most beautiful Names. Yahuah who became my(our) Yahusha. One Aluah. As Yahuah lives. Shalom. to all your readers.AVIYAH. ps. thankyou again

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