Highly Significant Petroglyphs Discovered. Portend The Return Of the Giants?

If you are interested in the rock or petroglyphs of Chaco Canyon or Mesa Verde or other locations, this will be a very interesting video for you. I have tried several times to get into Chaco, but they closed the area a couple of years ago. The Indians there either worshipped the “star people” or were eaten by them, or both. My guess is that the Indians made human sacrifice tin Chaco, and the angels of Yahuah destroyed it, and you will likely think the same thing while watching this video.

The phrase “flaming sword” is used by Quayle in the dialogue, and I sure understand that. I used to love exploration like this, but these days my total focus is on the people of Yahuah and the tribulation era we are in. The Russians did move some equipment off the front, but they also continue to insist that Ukraine forego NATO membership. They will not back down, nor should they. Biden and the Democrats desperately need a major war, even if it destroys America, because the Democrats are on the threshold of eradication by the American people. Their perspective is this: If the Democrats have to go down, America is going down with them.

Enjoy the video. Quayle and Hagmann have done such a fine job over the decades. We all owe them both a deep and rich measure of gratitude.



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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
3 months ago

Dear Jerry,

I am a 34 year old wheelchair-powered Ger-‘man’ man with a genetic condition called muscular dystrophy.
Since I stumbled on your video about possible US engineered supersoldiers for ISIS, I am truly addicted to your fabulous written blog, although I do still have to learn about following Yahuah’s commandments as well as our salvation and spiritual freeing through the gift of Yahusha.

One aspect about your life’s story intrigued me starkly because I have read that the famous American preacher Billy Graham were in fact a false flag showman for the global elitist Luciferian Antichrist movement as purported in sources such as:

1) https://jimdukeperspective.com/story-behind-billy-graham/
2) https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2018/02/21/billy-graham-child-abuse/
3) https://christianobserver.net/the-deception-of-billy-graham-a-mind-control-front/

Would you please care to elaborate on your thoughts about the trustworthiness of the late Mr. Billy Graham as an honest man of Yahusha?

Moreover, I want to sincerely thank you for digging under my skin with your thoughtful & truly inspiring work, dear Jerry!

greeting you kindly from Zell upon Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia/Bavaria

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