Here Is An Interesting Little Thing… La Palma Seems To Be Experiencing A Radiation Energy Attack

We hear things and we read things and we investigate things and eventually the truth comes out.  La Palma, the volcano/earthquake seismic zone, just opened an additional vent.  There is some kind of persistent pressure showing up under La Palma.  And there is this odd pattern…

Maybe there is some truth to the persistent rumor that La Palma is being irradiated with something that creates subsurface pressure, with the intent of creating perhaps a tsunami.  Who knows?  But I was able to use the software linked below to generate this image myself, and all other images I have seen of a few thousand earthquakes in the last two weeks have been what appeared to be random locations, as one would expect.

This is interesting and bears watching.  My first impulse is that the grid pattern appears simply because the software creating these maps doesn’t know exactly where to place the icons, only that there needs to be icons in that location so it creates them in a linear pattern.

But that is as much guess-work as guessing that the pattern is legit and that Dr. Strangelove is planning to destroy the East coast of the USA.  Of course many prophets have said for many decades that both coasts of the USA will be destroyed by tsunamis.  If the grid is legit, and the more I study it the more legitimate it appears to me, then someone really is irradiating specific points of La Palma to weaken the foundation.

Earthquake map that created this image:

Prophecies of  Pending American Tsunamis


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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
8 months ago

Good evening, Jerry.

I love your posts because they always deliver thought and discussion points.

I am going to offer up something to chew on and discuss just cause its fun…nothing more nothing less.

Something: I think at times humans give humans too much credit or infer too much credit.

Examples, can earthquakes really be caused by human intervention? Or can humans really control the weather? Can we really cure cancer?

I know we live in a matrix, but “nature” or “natural processes” have so much unfathomable power in potential and kinetic energy wave patterns within themselves that their mere existences point to a creative power outside the world we know.

I have seen the destructive power of “simple” water flowing in the form of a kinetic flash flooding event. I have seen and witnessed volcanic ash destroying a plane’s engine to repair mean replace the entire engine – the smallest thing can do so much damage. Just like my tongue can.

To be completely transparent to go along with my “something” thought. I really believe strongly based on theory and evidence I have studied that our entire solar system is experiencing massive natural physical changes via a cyclic process of creation and destruction, creation and destruction and creation and destruction, over and over – as if Yahuah orients this consuming cycle. Like an oscillation in the water when a stone hits it with force thrown by the little boy at the pond’s side. A ripple effect occurs as a wave and then it dissipates, and calm returns until the next curious piper throws a stone in the pond again.

Plus our solar system is one big electrical charged system with lots of batteries and engines – things that store and spend that energy to find balance. The positive and the negative. The ying and the yang. The chaos and the order. All in conflict with one another all of the time.

So, to get back to your initial point. Radiation, irradiation – absolutely. But by humans, I highly doubt our ability to produce such power. However, Yahuah’s power or Satan’s mions – I have no doubt they can make things happen we can’t. Those darn, extraterrestrials.

We are but ants easily squish-able. A Dave Mathews Band kinda of song comes to my mind. Ants marching.

Fun isn’t it? Love the discussion. Thank you, Jerry for posting.

8 months ago

HAARP / Fukushima etc.

8 months ago

They are causing the “climate change” themselves. Just like the “typhoon” that just hit here in California. They want to say “see look at all the weird weather and volcanic eruptions, we need carbon taxes!” It is all a part of their dark winter plan.

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