He Warned In My Vision He Was Coming With The Sword

It is sad to see what is happening in the hearts of people.  Even in my own heart, anger grows to the point of sin.  The sin is murder, an offense worthy of death by my Father Yahuah.  So I am guilty, for sure. But the wickedness of the evil people in America has boiled over.  The time of war is here.

But every day I see injustice that is worthy of war.  I see rioters in the streets burning down buildings, assaulting people, and spreading hate, violence and destruction everywhere they go.  Surely those people must be stopped, but no, the police and the state do nothing more than show up and stand around in their body armor.

And the police are under attack, physically and psychologically.  Police stations are burned down, too, sometimes with police officers in them.  The police should kill people who do such things, yet they yield.  Why?

Orders.  They are ordered to back off, to yield, to do nothing, making it look like the communists are prevailing, winning, more powerful, which attracts more leftist wannabe-thuggos and so it grows.

Its a paid insurrection.  These rioters have organized leaders and big budgets.  Years ago, I answered an ad to work in some money-raising organization in Houston.  I forget who it was and was only with them for a couple of weeks, but I got to see what a communist cell looks like.

The employees were all just like these rioters.  They were completely amoral, and blatantly so.  Young – in their twenty’s mostly, and disciplined by a woman in charge who was in her thirties.  I remember that she answered to a very wealthy individual in Houston, some man that she spoke of often.  He had requirements and performance objectives.

And this woman was mean.  When she looked at me or anyone else, she usually looked like she planned to kill you later, but first, do these things…

That sort of demeanor.  She was potentially attractive, and looks like an actress that I have seen in some movies.  Her hair was a swirled up pile of dried up wool, and a lot of it.  It was big, brownish and rose over her head like a great crown.  It was dry and brittle, and looked also like a furry birds’ nest.  It needed washing because it seemed to have lint in it.

So one night we had to go “raise some money”.  We were loaded onto a van and driven to a grocery store parking lot where we were given a brief motivational speech by one of the male sub-leaders.  Don’t remember what he said as I was more interested in the process and the people.  The people were into it.  We reloaded into the van and drove in two or three vans to some suburban neighborhoods where we went door-to-door telling some lie about why we were raising money.

We worked for a few hours and then rode home.  On the way home, a young seriously slutty girl (number 3 in the command hierarchy) started leading the others in a chant.  I will never forget the power of that chant.  The words are and were unimportant to me at the time, but the effect of this chanting was powerful, and the witch of Endor was driving.

I looked around and listened and understood what I saw.

These leaders want power, an absolute kind of power.  Power of life and death.  That is the rich man calling the shots, and he has a hatchet-man in the witch of Endor who runs the cell.  She aspires to power and is herself a hateful, wicked executioner.  She takes money from the aspirant elite, spends it to pay kids who have lost their way to build the cell.  The kids go out and walk around and ask for money for some bogus save-the-whales type of cause, and then the chanting begins.

They were rip-roaring those chants in the van back to the office.  Everyone knew the words and they were shouted with gusto.

This is happening daily in hundreds of cities across America, and has been for years.  Many years.  The kids become adults and get jobs, mostly public sector jobs like teaching, post office, city government, state government and federal government.  There is your communist deep state. The Teachers raise up antifans and blm’rs.  The government workers push for liberal policies across the board and the postal workers help with mail-in ballots.  There are many other ways the left has co-opted government and created the culture of despisement – despising that which is good and memorializing the wicked.

These rioters come from these cells, which are well-entrenched, have long lives, are well-funded and are many years old.  Subsequently, the work required to root them out will be immense.  The mayors of these liberal cities and also the governors of these liberal states are beholden to the very same liberal elites who formed and funded these cells.  For all we know, those who have funded these cells eventually became the actual governors.  This explains why there has been no effort to contain these rats.  The governing personnel do not want containment – they want contagion.  They are lighting the fire and will do everything in their power to spread it everywhere.

This is war.  Real war and many will die in this war.  Be on guard because random acts of murder against gray-haired conservatives will be in the plan of action.

What must you do?

Arm yourselves and buy shooters liability insurance.  Its very inexpensive and you will have good peace of mind by carrying it.

Make some friends.

You will need some help, and you can offer some help to others as we roll into 2021.  There will be spreading riots as we walk forward into the election.  Trump will win, and Kamala Harris will be positioned as agitator-in-chief.  She is as bad as they come and she was selected by the DNC to be Bidens running mate for several reasons.

Count on major disruptions before and after the election.  Its going to be explosive.

First, maybe Biden wins.  If he wins, Kamala Harris will run the show.  Biden has the brain of a slug these days.  He is the trojan horse to get Kamala Harris into the Presidency.  If Biden wins, civil war will absolutely happen and America will be destroyed.

America does deserve destruction.  Abortion, homosexualism and pedophilia are all three capitol crimes in Torah, and America leads the world in all three categories.  The pedophilia goes all the way to Washington, and runs through the boardrooms of many major corporations.

What comes to mind is the vision Yahuah gave me of the flaming sword and His Words – “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”

Here He comes.


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