Great News. Biden Agrees To Ukraine Neutrality On The NATO Membership Issue


Putin and his crew were willing to go to war over Ukraine being in NATO and Ukraine hosting dual-use missile platforms that could fire anti-aircraft missiles and also nuclear-armed Tomahawk cruise missiles.  He said that was a red line and the fool Biden ignored him.  So we got a war and there are dead people on the ground and significant destruction in Ukraine.

But this change in the stance of Ukraine is a major turnaround, and the source claims that it is confirmed.  If so, and I suspect it is, then this is very, very good news for everyone involved and for the entire civilized world.

Do you hold Biden to blame for this, knowing that he could have agreed two weeks ago to NATO neutrality for Ukraine?
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USA announces the United States will support the decision of Ukraine on declaring a neutral status to Russia, if Kiev accepts it — per Russian conditions to Zelensky’s request for ceasefire talks.
– US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman
This is coming from Russian diplomatic Channels allegedly. We don’t see any publication from the US about it, at least not yet.
This was announced by a top russian state TV presenter.
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Confirmed — Wendy Sherman said “We will support any decision they take,” after asking if US will support neutrality of Ukraine —- interview of @DeputySecState with @kommersant ->


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2 months ago

This is huge, folks. This can end the conflict is the fools in Washington want it to.

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