Government Says That The Non-Conforming Will Be Hunted


Looking for something to help me put together an optimistic post for all of us today, I discovered, among some other things even worse, that the Democrats in power in Washington are going to use radical Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to identify American Trump-conservative “radicals” who will warrant investigation by the CIA, the NSA and other organizations.

The truly alarming information I put together this morning is that there will be no end of the Covid hoax.  That’s right.  Covid is a tool created by and for the globalists within the World Economic Forum (WEF).  In fact, the man who founded the WEF is the man who hosted the Event 201.  You remember Event 201 – the game scenario that released a corona virus on the world and evaluated all of the responses to it.  That was Mr. Klaus Schwab.  He intends to rule the entire earth by committee, and he might succeed.

I might give you the low-down on the globalist Schwab later today or tomorrow.  Right now, I want to keep us focused on the democrats determination to jail Trump conservatives.  Its also hand-in-hand with Schwabs’ globalist agenda.  Trump had to go because he was building a super economy.  High performance economies are not part of the plan.  Covid came to shut down small businesses, which IS part of the plan.  Driving all profits to major corporations is the fascist way to build a world government.  That is how you buy support.

When Psaki mentions “January 6th assault on the Capitol and the tragic deaths” , she leaves out the facts that the Capitol police did the killing, including beating a woman to death with clubs and murder by shooting a woman standing in a window.  All government killings.



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14 days ago

Schwab is definitely a globalist leader and hates humanity but Yuval Harari has said some really creepy stuff. He openly speaks against the Bible as a fairy tale and has some evil plans for a trans human future. The only optimism I can see is the great awakening of humanity and the promise that these demons do not win.

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