Gird Yourself With The Belt of Truth, For War Is At The Door Of Mankind

Originally posted on August 23, 2021 @ 11:07 am

It is good to write today.  That “podcasting” stuff is a snarl of technology, for sure.  For better or worse, I need to stick with it because I need the practice speaking in a semi-public forum.  Soon we will be tightly regulated, although I do believe that Yahuah will deal with the USA on a very personal “from His throne” basis.  We deserve His judgement and I look forward to leaving this earth.

I also want to welcome my brother, Ken.  Long time, bro.  Welcome.

As most of you know, I do believe we are well into the First Seal, and are waiting for the Second Seal to open.  I suspect that the Second Seal will open this fall, maybe during Sukkot, but during the fall feasts.  The Second seal is war, and since madness is the standard operating mode on the earth today, let’s look for China to take action against Taiwan.

Why would China act now?  Because the United States federal government has proven itself utterly incompetent, and I do mean proven to be a colossal failure on a biblical scale.  The US Federal government is a bought-and-paid-for extension of big pharma, big oil, and China.  The drug cartels also wield enormous influence in Washington.

China would strike Taiwan now because Biden is currently in office.  He could be gone in a month, and it is even possible that Trump could be in office come January.  China knows that now is probably the best time they will ever have to attempt to enslave Taiwan.  In order to increase their odds of success, China will use a proxy to start a skirmish somewhere else on the planet in order to distract the USA and also to suck the USA into that regional conflict.

It will have to be some place where valuable US interests are threatened, which points to oil.   In fact, China can move on Taiwan while Iran and Russia move on the middle east.  Turkey can assist and Turkey already claims Jerusalem as its own.  Even more likely, the ISIS/Taliban thugs in Afghanistan are the perfect proxies to start that diversion.  Perfect.  They have plenty of new US helicopters, Humvees, cargo planes, rifles, ammunition, you name it and Obama/Biden gave it to them.

Yes, the ISIS/Taliban (or “Obamas Muslim Horde”) army is the ready-made, custom built army to strike at Israel and distract the USA from Chinese war-making in the South China Sea.  A scenario like this would split the US military in half, reducing our effective strength in each theater of war by 50 percent.  If you throw in a major kinetic event in the USA, something like a dirty bomb by “islamic terrorists” in a major port city like San Diego, CA, and there is no way the Obama/Biden regime can cope.

That is by design.  Remember this: Obama is directly involved in this process.  He might even aspire to stand in the Holy Place (let the reader understand).  Remember the dead body experience of Nathan.  Pay close attention.

Also, taking into consideration the absolute abomination that the leadership of the US military has become, one can place their money on China taking Taiwan after losing some cities and a million or so civilians along the coast.  Russia/Turkey/Iran concurrently take some major blows but prevail in the middle east.

The middle east is a little bit murky for me, but the Chinese conquest of Taiwan looks like a “lead pipe cinch”.

Meanwhile, we have problems regarding this “vaxx” attack.  It is far past time to complain and analyze, and well into time of active and flint-faced force against the vaxxers.  I’m not talking about marches and protests.  I’m talking about tearing down vaxx facilities and even the production facilities of the sorcerers manufacturing the secret ingredients that no one is allowed to know.

It is not time for talk.  That time was over a year ago and is dead and buried already.  Now is the time to shut down their ability to produce the toxins.  This escalation will also embolden the ethical and intelligent doctors who have been threatened, silenced, censored and black-holed by the American Medical Association.  The AMA is mostly a subdivision of the sorcerers brewing up the secret ingredients, and spends its time threatening ethical doctors.

Now you can understand why so many holistic medicine and chiropractic doctors were murdered a few years ago.  Remember that?

This covid hoax has been in the planning stages for a long time.  Now that they launched the pogrom, there is no turning back.  If we lose to these monsters, and they are absolutely monsters, we will be generally exterminated.  This isn’t literary license.  This is not rhetoric.  If we do not stop them dead in their tracks very soon, its lights out for our children.  We condemn our children and grandchildren to a lifetime of face-in-the-dirt humiliation, ignorance, sickness, starvation, degradation, disease and in their old age (45 years old or so), muddy graves with wooden markers.

Looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance, I do believe that Yahuah plans to roll some water over the east and west coasts, following that action with a New Madrid plate shift and volcanoes as if they are on sale at Macy’s.

If New Madrid does pop, everyone south of it who lives below 300 feet above sea level will drown.  No magic number here, 300 feet is the US Navy’s estimate of the minimum safe elevation.  You all have seen the revised Navy maps of a post-New Madrid America, right?  Lots of water.  The Mississippi river will be about 600 miles wide at a latitude roughly in line with Dallas.  And salty.  An inland sea dividing America.

Apophis.  I forgot about Apophis and Wormwood.  But really, isn’t there already enough going on?

Water – store it.  Buy food-grade barrels and have them cleaned by the seller before you load them up to take home.  Buy food that will keep for a year or so.  Canned food by the case and dry beans, pasta, rice and big bags of salt and sugar and COFFEE.  DO NOT FORGET COFFEE.

Self defense – Remember what I told you.

Most important of all, remember that Yahuah loves those who are His.  Remember that every day.  Hold on to that.  A living example: me.  In all of this covid nonsense my life has not changed one bit.  Nothing is different.  I have complete freedom of movement, never wear a rag on my face, am unmolested by the toxin, speak my mind every chance I get, ride my motorcycle, my bicycles, travel, restaurants, etc.  You get the picture.

My point is this: In all of this tribulation scenario, our Father knows how to give good things to those who love Him.  That is my point.  I’m not boasting, but am illustrating how Yahuah does provide for His people in difficult times.  We live in difficult times, and if you keep His commands and have the testimony of Yahusha, you are HIS CHILD.  He knows what you need.  He will be your shelter, your tent, your food and your water.

The coming days and months are a time of relationship-building between you and your Father if you are HIS.  If you are not of the Way, you can become of the Way.  Doing so will open the matrix and Truth will become your bones.


Note: What do Moses, King David and the Apostle Paul have in common?

Answer: All were murderers.  Yes, all were guilty of murder.  Moses killed the Egyptian guard.  David had his best friend killed on his personal order (after impregnating his best friends wife while his best friend ((Uriah)) was fighting Davids’s war).  Paul was the worst, having sought and obtaining permission to ride about the countryside killing those who professed faith in Yahusha as Messiah.

Three murders, three pillars of the Truth who were hand-picked by Yahuah Himself to lead His people.

When it comes time to fight, fear not.

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2 years ago

Mutually Assured Destruction = MAD
A EMP would no doubt cause the meltdown of several
nuclear power plants. The resources to grow food for their
nation would be contaminated.
But who knows , the craziness of Lucifer and his minions
is beyond measure.
All I know for sure is I FEAR NOT…
Peace and Shalom Brothers

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

I am thinking EMP from China on Texas due to our vast O&G resources as the FF before China invades Taiwan. Just a thought, nothing more. I have no special knowledge.

Welcome To The War
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