Get Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Ready To Fight Because The Fight Is Coming To Your Front Door

Already the FBI, which is among the most law-violating organizations in the world – absolutely zero ethics – wants to paint in the mind of Americans the lie that law-abiding pro-US-Constitution, Bible-reading, Church-going Americans are in fact “the enemy”.

This is nothing more or less than the Masonic members of the higher level of globalist anti-Christ government employees and governing members working to serve Satan and destroy the Holy people.  Yes, Satan is the Prince of this world, and he cannot do other than hate everything created by Yahuah.

Yahuah is using Satan and his uncontrollable hatred for God to act as a filter of sorts, seining the righteous from the unrighteous.  Satan will do all to kill the righteous people of Yahuah, while Yahuah will in fact kill all the unrighteous.  It’s like Satan has “free will”, but because of his hatred, he can only and always choose “door number three”, the maximum-hatred door.  He is trapped himself, unable to free himself from the bondage he personally chose.  He’s toast, and will burn forever when the time comes.

We knew this was coming, though.  We knew already that we would be hunted and persecuted.  We knew already that many, perhaps most, of us would be executed before the end.  So perhaps now will be a great time to do whatever is necessary to adequately arm and equip yourself.   The fight is coming to your front door, dear brothers and sisters.  Like it or not, the fight will come to your front door.

If you are at your door when they come for you, you will either fight or surrender.  If you surrender, you will eventually be executed.  Death is certain.  If you fight, you might escape with your life.  Life is possible.

So clearly fighting is the best bet.  Do not believe that Satan will bother to “rehabilitate you”.  They will arrest you, seize your Bibles, computers and phones, and take you away to be executed.  Your neighbors, already wetting their pants from fear, will never inquire about you.  They will never call the police to ask what happened to you.  Your family will probably not know you were arrested and not be able to reach you, especially if they live any distance away.

You feelin’ me, dawg?  Everyone will live in fear, which is why it is far better to fight.

The Fight, The Afghanistan Catastrophe, Famine and War Here Soon

Now that you more clearly understand the nature of our happening-now future, you need to learn a little bit about the beloved AR-15.  In the video below you can watch an outstanding shooter explain to you the most practical and realistic battle rifle solution in terms of rifle selection and necessary add-on equipment selection from a best-value perspective.

I am very familiar with shooting, but as I watched this video, a very somber mood crept over me as I realized that we are not in a potential shooting situation, but that the shooting situation is guaranteed.  It is on its way.  On its way to my own front door.  On its way to your front door and all because we own Bibles and worship Yahusha and we will not renounce our Father.

It is for our relationship with Yahuah that they come to kill us.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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Welcome To The War
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