Free Masons Are Destroying The Skeletal Remains Of Giants To Obliterate Proof Of Nephalim And of Holy Scripture

Originally posted on August 24, 2020 @ 7:07 pm


Giants practically ruled the world at one time, and apparently did so twice.  Before the flood – giants dominating mankind and eating mankind.  After the flood – giants dominating and eating mankind.  Judging by where giant remains have been found in America, they had villages and towns in what looks like thousands of places.  They certainly have been found in thousands of places, and that is in the United States alone.  Giants are found world-wide and in every culture. But they seem to be rather solitary, or isolationist or prefer to keep to themselves.  The common theme is that giants are the offspring of fallen angels and human women.  A non-human hybrid, with a spirit but no ability or divine right to accept salvation.  The Nephalim are the giants, the hybrid non-humans.  Their spirits are the demons of today, which roam the earth creating great wickedness and much harm.

You will be stunned at the proof.

I read that the giant in the Japanese video is from a movie.  Hard to know the truth these days.  But look at the videos first five seconds.  In this first view of this giant, it is a sunny day, dry pavement.  In the second viewpoint or camera angle, it is wet from rain, and cloudy, and the giant is walking directly between the rails of a street car.  Not in the first view.  So this video excerpt shows two different days and two different parades.  And he casts a shadow underneath himself in the second view angle.  In the first one, the shadow falls to his front/left and is outside the cameras frame.

But if it is from a movie, it sure gives some good perspective for how large some of these giants were.  Genesis and Enoch both discuss the Nephalim, and they are proof of the validity of Holy scripture.

The Smithsonian Institution obtained these giant skeletons, and the skeletons subsequently disappeared.  The written record provides abundant proof.

The Smithsonian was named after a man names “Smithson”.

James Smithson FRS (c. 1765[1] – 27 June 1829) was an English chemist and mineralogist. He published numerous scientific papers for the Royal Society during the late 1700s as well as assisting in the development of calamine, which would eventually be renamed after him as “smithsonite”. He was the founding donor of the Smithsonian Institution, which also bears his name.

Born in Paris, France as the illegitimate child of Hugh Percy, the 1st Duke of Northumberland, he was given the French name Jacques-Louis Macie. His birth date was not recorded and the exact location of his birth is unknown;

He was an illegitimate child with no known place of birth nor date of birth.  Being in the “Royal Society” he would have been an anti-christ along with Charles Darwin and many others, no doubt.  The Royal Society denies Yahuah from dawn to dark.  It was his “institution”, established several years after his death, that obtained and disappeared these giant skeletal remains.  Any evidence that supports Holy scripture must be destroyed.

And of course, as always and so common it is hardly worth looking up, the bastard of unknown birth origin was a Free Mason.  Free Masons, Jesuits and Luciferians – there is your enemy.

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