Food Shortage This October? Are The Government Door-To-Door VAX ‘Strike Teams’ Going To Carry Weapons? Will The World Economic Forums’ “Cyber Polygon” Exercise Shut Down The Internet In December?

The World Economic Forum (the WEF) hosted the Event 201 a couple of years ago, which game-planned the rise of a corona virus pandemic.  The Event 201 was public, in plain sight and got significant press coverage.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was also advertising hiring for crisis managers with experience in managing bacteriological/viral/biological hazard events.

Then, right on cue, “corona virus” exploded on the scene and was used as intended: to enslave the planet.  Yes, corona virus is a planned event to facilitate the Great Reset.  The Great Reset, imagineered by Klaus Schwab with help from the deviant rich everywhere, is the motor that drives our enslavement.

The global capitalist ruling elite have certainly been doing their best to “take advantage of the shock inflicted by the panic”, assuring us all since the very earliest days of the outbreak that, for some unfathomable reason, nothing in our lives could ever be the same again.

Schwab and Malleret are, inevitably, enthusiastic in their use of the New Normal framing, despite their admission that the virus was only ever “mild”.

“It is our defining moment”, they crow. “Many things will change forever”. “A new world will emerge”. “The societal upheaval unleashed by COVID-19 will last for years, and possibly generations”. “Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never”.

I have read a little bit about the early beginnings of the Great Reset, right on up to current time, and it is apparent to me that two major conclusions have been made, based on the logic of their non-secret, openly stated positions.

First, there are far too many humans alive on earth and most of them need to be killed off or re-purposed as fertilizer.

Second is that what we understand as “money” is no longer needed or wanted.  It is an anachronism that creates too many variables in too many scenarios and therefore must be eliminated in favor of digital currency managed by the global government.

The advantages of a digital currency for a planetary government are superb.  Through a digital currency technology, every aspect of human existence can be managed by central planners.

State punishment of individuals can be micro-managed to the most minute degree via digital currency, rewarding good state actors and incrementally punishing marginal or anti-state actors based on a multitude of state sins.

Consider digital currency (or DC) in use on January 6, 2021.  If you were in Washington on a visit to some museum or whatever, the state could take a small token amount from your digital credits as a reminder that they own you and they you best not complain.

The state could subsequently take increasing amounts of DC from other individuals in Washington that day based entirely on location data provided by cell phones, calculated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.  The entire process would be fully automated and take mere seconds.

Additional fines and punishment could be levied by using AI to evaluate the contact lists on all devices to determine who talked to whom and how influential certain key persons are or were against the state.

With technology, and DC is technology, control of people becomes very, very simple.  The next step is the elimination of most of the human population and as many of you realize, the corona virus fraud was specifically implemented to stampede terrified people into the injections.  The injections were the goal from before Event 201.  The question was “How do we kill half the world in a way that no one notices?”

One suggestion was that the killing must take place rather slowly over an agreed-upon span of time to that the shock of such massive deaths could be spread out over months, unlike the 9/11 setup that killed thousands of people in a single hour.

Then the question was “How do we set up a process that will accomplish a slow-kill of much of the world human population?”  From that goal it was established that a ‘global pandemic’ was the best process and that the solution would be mass injections of a chemical compound that would typically kill the recipient in six to 18 months.  To be effective, this chemical compound would naturally kill some otherwise healthy recipients almost immediately, a potentially risky outcome that might tip off the population as to the true nature of the injected chemistry.

So, to mitigate this potential exposure, different compounds were shipped to different regions, all with no ingredients or warnings listed, although that information is required by law.  Different manufacturers created different compounds in order to evaluate their performance on different races and genotypes.  Which compound, for example, immediately killed black females?  How old were they when they died?  Which organs were most effected?  How many hours did it take?   All key data points are collected and analyzed.  Things like that are important to know so that a better, more effective yet less obvious chemistry can be developed and rolled out within a couple of weeks.

You can be certain that another ‘pandemic’ will magically rise up in a few months, and the Covid vax injected bodies start hitting floors around the world.  The TV News storyline will be something like:

“People worldwide are suddenly falling down dead, exhibiting few of any symptoms of even being sick!  Over one million known dead this week alone!  Shriek!  Hysteria!  Fear!  Panic! GET THE VAXXXXXX!!!”


After the state narrative is firmly in place by the Mockingbird media, WEF operation Cyber Polygon will shut down the net, especially in areas of maximum resistance and especially truth producers.

Help from the national intelligence agencies, staffed with arch globalists in key positions, in producing the most effective TV news narrative to maximally promote receiving the injections was baked into the pandemic years in advance of Covid-19.  The fix was in and the WEF continued forward in its mission to break the USA, remove the nationalists from power, install the weakest possible human beings as president and vice-president via illegal elections and now Australia and the USA have initiated processes to hunt down all who are still organic.

By ‘organic’, we mean non-GMO, not genetically modified.  Via genetic modification, graphene oxide and nano particles that respond to broadcast wavelengths of various frequencies and amplitudes, it is possible to gain significant control over millions of people, and not a single question will be asked.

Why no questions?

Because the planetary government will flush your digital credits down the proverbial memory hole.  They will do the same to your parents, your spouse and your children.  You will be banned from employment and forced onto the street where you will eventually be apprehended as a vagrant, identified and terminated.

So no questions will be asked.

The following video (Mike Adams, the Health Ranger) is terrible to hear, but unfortunately true on one major aspect: food shortage.  Significant, imminent and escalating food shortage.  As Henry Kissinger said decades ago, “if you control the food, you control the people”.

It looks like the food shortage is going to become obvious around October 1st.  If this manifests itself into bare shelves in large markets, it is reasonable to assume that fires and shooting will quickly follow.  The “Nation against nation”  promise will begin, as we anticipated in the White Horse warning (the opening of the First Seal of Revelation)

Mike has a point about the Red states.  If you live outside Texas and if you are prepared to fight to the death in a shooting war against the fleas on the WEF dog, relo to Texas.  Not perfect, for sure, but we are stable in an unstable world.  We read our Bibles and oil our rifles at the same table.


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