Federal “Execution By Firing Squad” Reinstated

Federal-Level Death by Firing Squad is back, just in time for the 2020 Election Fraud trials. 

New DOJ rules could allow firing squads, electrocution, poisonous gas for executions. The US Department of Justice has expanded rules governing executions to permit a wider rage of methods, including firing squads and electrocution, as five federal inmates are set to face the death penalty before Inauguration Day.

The amended rule was entered into the Federal Register on Friday, permitting the government “greater flexibility” to carry out capital punishment using any method “prescribed by the law of the state in which [a] sentence was imposed.” While lethal injection remains the most common means of execution — and previously the only one permitted under federal regulations — the new rule will accommodate states that allow for alternative methods, including death by electrocution, nitrogen gas, hanging or firing squad.



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4 thoughts on “Federal “Execution By Firing Squad” Reinstated”

  1. You’d think Trump had a clue about what was going to happen, he always a few steps ahead of them! When was this reinstated, I only see this Friday, I don’t see a date?

    1. Trump is most likely a step ahead, as you say. There is more to the January 6th Capitol mob that people know. Special Forces personnel were also mixed in the crowd that went into the Capitol offices, and they confiscated some laptops from Congressional reps, such as Nancy Pelosi.

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