Federal Agencies Issue National Security Warning Regarding Food And Water Availability. Of Course They Do.


I don’t trust the Federal government in any way for any thing, but I do have confidence in Christian, the Ice Age Farmer.  Food prices are indeed going up and will continue to go up.  There is no way around it when you have trillions of dollars just dumped into the economy.  The price for everything rises.  Do not be surprised to see general food prices double by summer, 2022.  Christian explains more in his video below.

I discussed this food emergency, and it is an emergency, with two associates yesterday, the Sabbath day,  and I suggested that it will be wise to buy dry, storable food and not food that required freezing of refrigeration.  I suggest that because two billion people are going to die in the near future and the easiest, cheapest way to slaughter that many people is to turn off the electricity.

Turning off the juice means all refrigerated food ruins, no, air conditioning, no running water, no sewage processing, no gasoline, no medicine, no employment, no banking, no broad communication and no information beyond what your neighbor might tell you.

Electricity defines civilization, and if electricity os taken away, civilization is taken away.  If you are the World Economic Forum and/or China and/or the Masons and you want to reduce the global population quickly and for free, develop a way to turn off the electricity by blaming it in “cyber attacks” by GLaDOS or Darth Vader.

Remember that we are dealing with Satan.  He is the Prince of this world and was given that title, role and authority by Yahuah.  Satan is a foil, by and large, designed to sort out the lost from the saved.  Satan thinks he is serving himself, when in face he is serving the Most High.  No power operates outside the Will of Yahuah.

I am sorry to bring you information that highlights risk, and have considered ceasing operations.  There is plenty of bad news and I do not have to spread it.  But I can not stop writing, so what I want to do is start discovering instances of divine deliverance, of miracles, of hope.  We need that.  I need that.

In a happy note, I recently did some scope alignment work on a rifle I own and put five holes in the bullseye at about 100 yards.  When I say “about 180 paces”, I mean from my truck to my target and back, and I’m shooting a little bit winded.  I made a slight adjustment on the scope and fired three more times.  You have to see this…


This is amazing.  What a rifle.  There are four pairs of two-shots-touching or in a single hole.  Get your shooting in.  Pray about it.  Ask Yahuah to help you.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

I too don’t trust any aspect of our federal government, and I think there are a lot of sold out states and local governments at the city and county levels across our country. We no longer are living inside the land of the free and the proud. In fact, we no longer are living within these United States of America. America has fallen. Yahuah is judging us believers first and then the non-believers. The tough and difficult times are here and only going to get more problematic and challenging. We need to endure, trust in Yahuah and move with how His Ruach leads us in His strength, His power and His glory. It is time. I will bleed and die for His truth. I am ready even though I am not ready.

Welcome To The War
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