Father Alexis Bugnolo: “Two Billion Dead Before December 31st, 2022.”


I also think, as this priest says, that this year will be cataclysmic, that by mid September the world will be greatly different.  He thinks that by December ’22 the handwriting will be clearly on the wall.  And somewhere in all this the Fourth Horseman, (Death and Hades) rides. 

He’s rather convinced, and nothing will surprise me any more.  He is convinced of the lethality of the injections, and certainly the Luciferians plan to kill as many of us as they can, soon.  This real and this is happening.

No shootings yet today, but many more are coming.  When the US government starts attempting to confiscate weapons from free men, civil war will definitely erupt and cities and towns all over America will start burning.  Mayors will be eliminated, Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, anyone who works with the Federals to enslave free men will be legitimate war targets and it will be a fight to the very end of one side or the other.

The main thing is to follow Truth.  To obey the commands of Yahuah.  To follow Him and as much as possible live in peace with everyone.  But if the enemy comes for me, then peace is over.  Amen.  If the enemy comes for my friends, peace is over.  If the enemy comes for the known innocent, peace is over and all who facilitate the Luciferians are fair game, wherever they are, whoever they are, regardless of title or position or authority.

When the enemies of Yahuah stand up to fight and enslave mankind, mankind is going to fight back.  First will be the massive die-off, designed to diminish the numbers of people who will resist the WEF.  So that has to happen first.  Food must be made scarce by design, not by accident.  The entire Ukraine/Russia/USA war might simply be a plan, a setup to create plausible deniability regarding famine.

Putin might have his role to play, Biden his and Zelensky his.  All have been to WEF training, and Biden was installed as the Faux Pres.  He didn’t come close to actually being elected.  Trump won that and we should have gone to war over it.  Had we done so, we would be in better shape than we are today.


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2 years ago

YAHUAH is building HIS kingdom and will smash all this to pieces.My trust is in HIM, and under HIS wings I dwell.HE is beautiful ,and all HIS ways are righteous.YAHUAH has made a way through YAHUSHA. Read Hebrews one.
YAHUAH wants a peculiar people, full of love for HIM, and to follow in HIS WAY, HIS instructions.YAHUAH is so beautiful.
The information by the priest,so sobering.Most of us have family members,children included. I grieve, andfind it difficult and yes I cry and walk and cry.I have still to listen to the end. Too much pain.
Be close to Yahuah,love HIM with all your being.

2 years ago

“If you dont recognize this new reality, you will be dead”…. that about sums it up, eh!
At least he’s not afraid to call it for what it is – the death vax! He is one of the many sounding the alarm – and i like his blunt and honest approach.

Interesting point about buying fresh fruit and veg….

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

Excellent summary!

Joyce Moore
Joyce Moore
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing the video and eye opening post. I pray and am patiently waiting for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome To The War
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