Easter Among Some Local Christians

Let me tell you this: I used to slaughter and BBQ a live rabbit every Easter just to drive the point home to my baby girl that there was no bunny in Easter.  I served him on a platter with a small apple in its mouth.  Furious at what human beings had done to mock the conquest of death by Yahusha.

Appropriately, and coincidentally, I am listening to the soundtrack of Fury Road as I write.

Today I dressed in a suit I have not worn for 23 years.  In fact, I forgot that I owned this particular suit for a couple of decades, and rediscovered it when packing some things a couple of months ago.  Nice suit, and still fit.  A wee bit tight in the waist but still comfortable.

I NEVER wear a suit, although I have several really nice silk Italian suits from a past life.  I usually wear blue jeans to church, but when its hot I will wear shorts.  Sometimes I wear my Springfield Armory XD-M 9mm Compact on my hip under my shirt or in a shoulder pack.  I sit on the front row, far right seat, directly in front of my Pastor.  If anyone wants to harm him, they must first get past me.

Getting past me is no easy thing. For His own purpose, Yahuah built me for battle. From the core of my soul, I am a fighter. It makes me different, and although I love peace , my ability do discern the wicked is astonishing. Yahuah has given me a gift that is quite uncomfortable to possess, as there is much wickedness in the world.

I am sure that many of you possess this same ability.  We “just know” who is gentle and who is hostile.  Its like an energy field that either puts us at ease or puts us on guard.  Trust that, for sure.  Respond to it.  When you have the urgent desire to move away from a person or a place, react.  If you sense that a person is wicked, be on guard.

Guard the sheep.

So today, I was in a suit, as was my Pastor.  He always wears a suit.  Looking around the church, I noted that every other person I saw was in blue jeans 🙂

“Easter”, which is essentially a Catholic pagan construct, is still very important to the Christians.  They have genuinely made this so-called holy day into an actual holy day.  “Holy” means “set apart”, and it is.  They celebrate the rising of Jesus from that stone slab and walking out of His stone tomb.  His conquest of death for all of us.  That’s a pretty good reason to commemorate the day, don’t you think?

Of course it is.

Torah is certainly valid.  Absolutely we are expected to abide by Torah, but we will stumble through it all the days of our lives.  Paul called the Instructions a “curse” because failing to abide by any part of the Instructions meant failure of the entire body of Instructions.  Its like a piece of glass which, when we break any part of it, the entire sheet of glass shatters into a thousand pieces.

Failure in any part of it means failure in all of it.  That was the basis of Paul’s statement.

I have a friend that I met in a Messianic Jewish congregation 23 years ago.    He is hard into Torah and has been for a long time.  But as I have watched him progress in his education, I also observe that he has left me as a friend.  He has become too good for a person like me, because I do not condemn the Christians.  I see their weakness, but I do not turn my back on them.  He considers me as lost, if you can believe that.

He has become Pharisee – judging people because they do not believe as he does.  Condemning people because they are not bound by the curse.

I used to attend the gatherings of my friends in our little Torah band, but they argued too much.  They argued and were nasty about various differences.  It is shameful, and not at all like our Messiah.  My friend got into an argument with another very kind brother in Torah that escalated to the point that my friend considered shooting our brother.  How’s that for wicked?  Merciless.  Evil.  Torah Observant.  Letter of The Law.

The point is that we are called to be the salt of the earth.  We who follow Torah are correct to do so, but we are also commanded to obey the Words of Yahusha.  We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  Our neighbors are Muslim, Christian, Atheist and everyone on earth.  If we do not love, we are worthless and the love of Yahusha is not in us.  If we have not love, we are just running our mouths, braying like jackasses into the wind.

If a Christian responds to you with the words “Jesus Christ is Lord”., will you rebuke him?  And what does Yahusha say about this?  That if those who praise Yahusha are not against him, then they are for him.

So be counted among those who call Yahusha their Lord.  Their understanding might be shallow, but just imagine the good you can do when you patiently teach them what “Righteousness” actually is.

You do know, right?

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2 thoughts on “Easter Among Some Local Christians”

  1. I’m proud of you. It feels like your writing is a different lately. What is Righteousness? I fully understand that we are to keep the 10 commandments, but we simply cannot. We might be successful in the adultery or murder rule, but covetousness is tuff for example. Happens to me frequently driving down the road when I see a black Rubicon or a lifted late model Silverado. I think the jist of the new testament is that we are in fact under grace, we just cant make it any other way. We are blessed with an ability to have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit who lives in us and guides us to all truth. I think we sin when we look at the Silverado and want what our neighbor has. We show righteousness when the Holy Spirit corrects us and we submit right then in the dynamic now. That’s a relationship, up close and personal. It is the same seeing a pretty girl, maybe indulging too much in her beauty. It is the same if the Silverado cuts us off in traffic and we want to curse them and speed past. The Holy Spirit within us reminds us to forgive and let them go. We will not be able to beat sin, but we follow the law which is written in our heart when we submit to His will in us. I am in no way discounting the teachings of the Torah, don’t know much about it. Obedience in the examples above seem like they would be more valuable to Him than following Torah law, don’t they? That is the whole idea of being born again, new. We are forgiven but we must obey if we are His. Repent if we are his. That to me means giving up habitual sin no doubt. It also means running the good race daily in circumstantial type sin mentioned above. He came to give life, and that means His life living in us guiding us in a very personal way if we let him, and follow, and obey. To me that is the whole of what the Bible is getting at. The old testament is impersonal, the new testament is completely personal through our relationship with Him individually.

    Your thoughts?

    1. “Righteousness” is obedience to the Commands of Yahuah. Torah is a whole ‘nuther level of obedience. It is like a special doctrine, hidden in plain sight. There are very many commands or instructions in the first five books of the Holy Bible. Those first five books are frequently called “Torah”, but Torah is actually the instructions in those first five and also the books of the Prophets. Not all of the instructions apply to us, because a good many of them apply only to the Levitical priests. But the Book of The Revelation speaks, in chapter 12 at the end, of the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon leaves battle in the heavens (the far regions of the earths atmosphere), to come to earth to destroy only one small class of human – “those who keep the commands of Yahuah and have the trstimony of Yahusha”. So, because the commands of Yahuah are specifically identified, one can surmise that the Red Dragon is coming after the Torah faithful. Why? Because obedience to Torah does indeed make us a “peculiar people”, as Yahuah states. His commands, and our obedicnce to those commands (“Instructions” is the better translation of the Hebrew word used there.) are designed to make us a “nation of Priests”, according to Yahuah.

      This is why I believe that Torah obedience is His generous gift to His people, because we will be rewarded in Heaven based on our devotion to His Words. Will people who accept Jesus as their Lord but discount Torah go to heaven? Sure, if they submit themselves to the Ten Commandments, hand-written in stone by Yahuah Himself. These are definitive, concrete, “applies to ALL” commands. And they are easy enough to obey – just remember that covetousness of any type is “sin”, and the word “sin” is Greek for “miss the mark”. The “mark” is Yahuah’s standard of conduct for His people. We fall short, or miss the mark, when we deviate from His 10 Commandments.

      That is why Paul (Sha-ul) referred to the “Law” as a curse – because there are many commands, and we violate most of them. The “Law” (NOT the Jewish Rabbinical “Talmudic Law”, which Yahusha called the “Synagogue of Satan” is an impossibly difficult body of instructions that, if violated, condemn the violator to hell. Hence, Jesus, who came to live in perfect obedience to ALL the commands of Yahuah, including the non-Levitical commands in Torah. He proved Himself perfect, and then He allowed Himself to be sacrificed for the sins of mankind. He rose from the grave, proving that he could lay down His life and pick it up again, and we who believe Him will live eternally in Paradise with Him.

      Grace is the reality of salvation through Yahusha in spite of our sin, or of our failure to obey the Torah commands or the 10 Commands of Yahuah. But what of the faithful who obey Torah? Theirs is a special blessing, on earth and in heaven. In fact, there is a Jewish boy named Nathan who had a vision of Heaven, in which people were studying Torah specifically because they did not abide by it on earth. Quite interesting.

      The standards set by the first five books is quite high, but because they are the Words of Yahuah, they are of utmost importance. Yahusha said Himself that “The Father is greater than I”, therefore, the Words of Yahuah are supreme, and Yahuah stated many times that His commands “are forever”. He is not confused, and He never changed His mind. Torah matters greatly.

      Thank you for your comments, Ryan. Your relationship with Yahuah is growing more meaningful, and the Holy Spirit is teaching you. Listen to Him.

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