Earthquake Swarm In California – Large Fireball Over NE USA

These two topics are two of the top three that we are looking into prophetically here at  The book I am reading for my subscribers covers prophecies that directly address the earthquake that is coming to 

California and the earthquake that will destroy the entire west coast of the USA, along with the military conflict that will very quickly follow the collapse of America’s western defenses.

The fireball, and it was a big one, is potentially only one of very many asteroids headed our way this month, according to some government sources in FEMA and the Pentagon.


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  1. It is my prayer every ‘TRUE BELIEVER’ conform not to the tradition of men handed down to us by those who got hold of the scriptures, changed the title ELOHIYM to god, YAHUAH to the lord, and YAHUSHA to Jesus, Mashiach to christ. check (Yirmeyahu/ Jeremiah 23:26+27 & Yahuchanon/John 5:43)

    I lose interest in reading articles otherwise worthy of reading with those generic titles and names in reference to the Father and His beloved Son. thanks

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