Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Speaks for Three Minutes, States The “Vaccines” are “Deadly Weapons”.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, famous in the virology world, strongly warns against the “vaccine” injection.  The conflict many of us knew was coming is here now.  It’s decision time and either way — pro-injection or anti-injection, we are likely to lose our lives, which just so happens to be the very goal of Bill Gates and friends. 

Listen to this closely.  Men are having testicular swelling and loss of the ability to maintain an erection after the shots.  They are seeking medical help for this.  Little girls as young as 22 months old who have been around adults who were injected have started bleeding vaginally, some producing large blood clots.

Apparently the injections cause the injected person to produce the spike protein which then transmits to others nearby, without close personal contact.  Any of the three mRNA injections available are causing these major health problems.

Dr. Tenpenny states bluntly regarding the injections: “These are deadly weapons”.

The Texas Right To Know website is here: https://www.texasrighttoknow.com/

If you have not watched and SHARED the short video by Dr. Peter McCullough, please do so now.




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