Dr. Jane Ruby – “I’d Rather Die With My Gun In My Hand…”

Very good common sense interview with perhaps the currently most qualified and intelligent doctor in the United States regarding the toxicity and mystery of the so-called Covid-19 “vaccine”.  She states plainly that what we have in America that none of the other western countries are millions of armed citizens.  She said herself in this interview that she “would rather die with my gun in my hand than…” to die from this deadly and fraudulent injection.

Yes, it will absolutely come to that, and sooner than you think.

This is a very interesting conversation and you need to hear it.


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6 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby – “I’d Rather Die With My Gun In My Hand…””

  1. At roughly the 47 min mark when she was speculating that maybe the different injections contain different things, I believe she is right.
    Could it be that some of these injections will kill, some will slowly cause degeneration, some will turn its victim into a “zombie” State, but…. some will turn into modern ‘dalexs’
    Read this blurb, skip the obvious sifi bits….
    Yeah, I know it sounds wayyyy out there, but….

    1. LOL! Well, certainly anti-christ liberals are cloaked Daleks. No doubt. What do we expect when the vaccines overtake the injected liberals? The experts on Dalek regression have this to say:

      Daleks did not die naturally, every cell being genetically hardwired with an impulse to keep on living, (TV: The Witch’s Familiar) even if they were chopped to pieces and left buried for centuries away from their casings. (TV: Resolution) However, they did age, the body decaying further and further — eventually reaching a point where it was little more than mewling, hateful sludge of dark brownish colour. Incapable of steering their armour, such decayed Daleks would exit them and confine themselves to the sewers of Dalek cities, for which reason the Dalek word for “sewer” was also their word for “graveyard”. (TV: The Witch’s Familiar) One Dalek creature remained alive even as it was dissected by the scientist Bryant Anderson.

      Back to the “vaccines’ – If I were a billionaire drug maker planning to poison a few billion people, I would design different formulas and distribute them around the world. I would experiment to see how effective each formula was. Some I would want to kill people with known or suspected common heart conditions or diabetes or tuberculosis, or liver disease, etc. But my primary desire would be designing injectable technologies that would give me decent mass control of large populations via 5G technology teamed with strong TV-type psyche programming (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc.). With that control, I could achieve many global goals, including burning down every church on earth, taking children from parents in any area I desired, controlling voters all over the world and much more. It would be the largest possible “army”, in the hands of a single madman – the anti-christ.

      1. Humm, nicely painted Jerry…
        I do think that the world at large underestimates the supernatual genius of this ‘single madman’…
        Stay strong

    1. Yeah, and no one is using lethal force to stop any of this insanity. We have already lost many more people to these “vaccines” than we lost in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, and the death count is just getting started. VAERS only shows about five percent of the known body count (10,000+ today), and I just learned yesterday of a large big-city health clinic that attempted to report 24 VAX deaths to VAERS, and ZERO of them showed up in the database.

    2. Yes, it is utterly unbelievable what the government thinks it can get away with. Civil war, when it comes, will come due to the criminal, satanic soul of the United States government. They worship Satan and are worthy of destruction. When, Lord, will you strike?

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