Don’t Stop. Don’t Doubt. Don’t Quit. WIN. You, Win.


This is for someone and for me. Two of us need this today. You and me. We need this today. You and I are at something of a crossroads today. We face genuine difficulty. Unusual difficulty. Head is saying “no”, heart is asking “Are you sure”? Soul is saying “Count the cost of ‘No'”.

So you and me, we will not quit. You and me, we will absolutely push on, grind it out forward. We paid a high price to get where we are and we will not be stopped by difficulty, by defeat, by despair, by loneliness, by hunger, by fear, or doubt, or uncertainty.

We are resolute and we know that victory comes one step at a time, and comes to the one who will not to quit, who refuses to surrender to loss.

You and me – we will fight through the fog, through the storm, through the self-doubt and the sense of hopelessness because death is preferable to loss. I will die before I quit. So will you.

Stand, and with absolute resolve, fight.



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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 month ago

The only time one fails is when one quits. Failure = quitter. Yahuah asks us to be action filled, no matter the task at hand, even if a temporary defeat occurs. Winning = Doing.

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