Do You Love The Values of Antifa? Thank A Teacher.

The students rioting, looting, burning and destroying iconic American symbols have one major thing in common: nearly all of them went to public schools.  If you don’t think what is taught to kids in public schools is the single greatest contributor to the madness sweeping through young people today, you are either one of them, a teacher, or incapable of rational thought.

If you read independent of information sources like MSNBC, CNN, Mediaite and other anti-American organizations, you have almost certainly read over and over again how public school teachers have been indoctrinating American school children for many years against American values, against the Holy Bible, against any form of nationalism and against conservatism.

This has been a major problem for a long time, and we were warned over and over by brilliant writers, law scholars, Bible teachers, political leadrers and even our own children that what was and is taught in public schools is profoundly against everything that our culture was built on.

An initial search on Google, an enemy of the state if there ever was one, produces pages and pages of results going back nearly 20 years where we were warned over and over that public education was producing exactly what we see in the streets today.

Searching Google for the phrase “public schools teach students to hate america’, I was able instantly to produce these and many, many other excellent reports from major publishers and by well-known and respected writers repeatedly warning us that major problems were incubating in our government schools.

Everyone knows that government schools are rife with ultra left, anti-American teachers who teach their students and our children and grand-children how to hate, and today those children are burning down buildings and absolutely destroying parts of some of the largest cities in the United states.

Here is my Google search page with the results of my search phrase: public schools teach students to hate america

Below are a few of the warnings just from page one of the results.  Open each one and just read it for two minutes each.

There are many, many more.  These published here are just a very small sample of the repeated warnings to parents and political leaders that emergency action is urgent.  Now, and much to our regret, nothing was done and the United States is literally under attack.

If you want to identify the mothership of revolutionary teaching, you can find it about a mile from your home.

First they go to public schools, then …




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1 year ago

There are a couple of videos by ‘really graceful ‘ where she explains who and how they recruit schoolkids , and how they program them to riot etc. They are worth watching.
Stay strong and much Shalom ♡

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