Do These Dying People See The 4th Seal Angel Of Death?


Demons.  Genetic Modifications.  Connecting spirits of Nephilim to living human tissue.  Fully cloned human beings.  Breaking a human’s ability to even consider any god.  All documented.  Satan’s slaves are busy bees, working day and night to create a richly Satanic human population.  It’s on full speed now.  There is no avenue of approach that is not being exploited.  From Trannies, child-butchering “sex-change”, the vaxx and more – the fallen and rejected anti-GOD stands at the open door, preparing to enter.

There is a science fiction reality taking shape in the world.  There are many thousands of people falling dead while looking at and fighting off an unseen entity.  There is remarkable consistency in their deaths, in the physical behavior of their soon-dead bodies.  Remarkable consistency.

Take a look at these people dying. They seem to hear something behind them, look over their right shoulders, fight off some invisible assailant and die in nearly identical positions. Maybe its a brain issue, with the vaxx components bypassing the blood/brain barrier and impacting the human brain in the same way over and over. But these people definitely seem to see something and definitely look like they are trying to fight it off. Then they fall down dead. This absolutely looks like the biblical 4th Seal, the Death rider.

No doubt whatsoever that these deaths are the result of a genetic modification within the victims that either opened the door to demonic possession or directly killed the recipient.  The injected (perhaps we should call them “vaxombies”) must live every day of their lives in terror that they are next.  I hurt for them and wish I could heal them.  My own daughter took the injections in order to continue her education, and called me insane for my position on the matter.  ‘Insane”.

But who lives in fear now?  She chose to turn her back on me, to close me out again.  It is common behavior for her, and a tragedy.  I never imagined that I would have a daughter who rejected the Truth.  Not this daughter.  But the scriptures tell us that children will be openly hostile to their parents, hating, despising, particularly where the Truth is concerned.

And in truth, she must turn to the Way if she plans to survive the apocalypse.  I tell you this, there will be no lamentation for the lost dead in Heaven.  Not one single tear nor regret.  And we have no control over the choices others make.  There is one narrow path to Life and I know that path.  Maybe you do, too.  I hope so.

But waiting for the living dead is horror; A satanic horror that hates.  Hatred is all this horror knows.  Hatred is all that this horror is capable of.  In fact, when I nearly broke my neck a couple of months ago, I could not stop asking myself if the injury was a demonic attack.  If the idea of it seems a stretch to you, please hear me out.

I was asleep one night a couple of months ago and got a leg cramp in my left calf.  The cramp was extremely painful, like a 9-inch red-hot nail being driven directly through my calf.  Extreme pain, and I have a high tolerance for pain.  I can take it.  My foot is in a cast now because I broke my own foot pulling it from beneath a 500 pound object.  I heard it snap when I extracted it, but I still stood up, lifted the motorcycle, put my son on it and took him for a ride for an hour or so.  With a broken foot and yes, it hurt badly, but pain is not something I fear or surrender to.  Pain is a signal that there is a problem.  I don’t even take Aleve for my broken foot.  Pain is a signal.

The cramp in my leg was shocking in its intensity.  Breathtaking.  I hopped up out of bed and, standing on my right leg, grasped the back of my desk chair (on wheels).  I was standing about 12 inches from my desk, which was situated directly left of my left leg.  When I grasped my chair-back, I looked down and tried to press my left foot against the floor in order to stretch my calf muscle, because the cramp had my left foot pointed straight down.

I remember clearly thinking “I cannot feel the floor”.  I pressed my foot down, trying to stretch my calf, but it was like the floor was not there. Very strange experience.  Then, looking up and straight ahead, I saw a horizontal line consisting of lines itself.  The image looked like my desktop, viewed directly from the side.  My desktop is made of five or six layers of dark and light wood.  Horizontal lines.  It looked like my desktop, viewed directly from the side.

But that was impossible because I was standing up.  In the image, only the side edge of my desktop was visible, and everything else was black.

Then my head smashed against my desktop.  It was sudden and violent.  And on my left.  Somehow, my body turned left 90 degrees and somehow my head fell directly, straight and with huge force against my desktop.  Remember, I was about one foot, 12 inches, from my desk.  I was facing parallel to the desk and on my right leg.

Somehow I fell straight down, like the Twin Towers on 9/11.  I fell straight down but my head was positioned over my desk.  Makes zero sense.

Standing on my right leg with my left calf in cramp-from-hell mode, I would have fallen in an arc, like a tree cut with an axe.  I would have fallen to my left in an arc, and would have at least put one arm out to catch myself.  My reflexes are very good, but my arms never touched my desk.  I didn’t even get a hand out to slow my fall. My right leg would have held me up and I would have swung like a pendulum, falling either forward, because my desk chair is on wheels, or to my left because my left calf was in extreme pain and I could not feel the floor.

Somehow, standing 12 inches from my desk and facing the wall directly ahead of me, parallel to the edge of my desk, I fell straight down, magically turning to my left and smashing my face onto my desktop, never getting a hand or arm in front of me to protect myself.  I hit my face so hard that, when I was laying on my back on the floor, I could not get up.  I could not raise my head and the pain was very bad.  I had to pull myself across the floor with my feet, sliding on my back.  I put my hands behind my head to lift it, and somehow got to my feet.  In the hallway going to the bathroom, I leaned against the wall and slid to the floor.  I was in shock.  Then, when I did get into the bathroom I saw that my face was bleeding and that there was an odd crusty substance on my upper-right cheek.  I don’t know what that was.

My desktop was in perfect order.  Nothing was moved and all of the items I keep on that part of my desk were still there, same positions.  Undisturbed.

The force of the impact was the most violent act I have even experienced.  It was vicious. A monstrous blow.  Well-aimed and fierce.  It nearly broke my neck.  In fact, I think the intent was to break my neck.  I do think it was Satan, just as it was Satan who killed Job’s children, and who afflicted Job with his horrific skin boils.  I think he planned to use my desk to kill me by breaking my neck, because the force of the impact was shocking.  The angle of the impact was impossible.  The image of my desktop from the direct side of my desktop immediately before the slamming of my face onto my desktop was like his gloating, arrogant message to me that what happened was unnatural.

I would totally disregard the event if the geometry and the physics, the angle and the force were not impossible.  My hands never touched my desktop, only my face.  And the force of it nearly broke my neck.  It still pops every time I turn my head, but otherwise is fine.

Did Satan himself do this?  I doubt that.  Seems he would have more pressing matters to attend to than silencing me.  But could he have sent a demon?  Perhaps.  Something did it.

Sidenote – last week I was leaving my X’s apartment after visiting.  My foot was in the cast/boot and I was using my crutches.  When I got to the steps going down, as soon as I placed my left foot (broken) on the first step down, I got another cramp from hell in my right calf and fell on the stairs.  All I could do was gasp “no, no” as I collapsed on the spot, terrified that I would fall face forward down the steps.

I have never had cramps like these in my life until now.  I had one in my right calf the first time ever about 48 hours before I had the one in my left calf.    So three of them total.  First time – hurt like lava poured on me but I stretched it out and went back to sleep.  Second time – cramp led to smashing my face and severely damaging my neck.  Third time – cramp caused me to fall on the steps going down, using crutches with my broken foot in a boot. The timing on that cramp was absolutely perfect.

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1 year ago

Jerry, hi! Haven’t been on in a while. I started with this post and am so sorry for what has happened to you!!! Rather than write too much here, I may send you an email soon to expound on some things. In the meantime, may your body and spirit be healed. The enemy is REAL and he was certainly after you, at least in part. I plead the BLOOD of the One who created you and saved you! I call Him Jesus Christ, yet He is also Yeshua or Yahushua/Yahusha to you.

1 year ago

So sorry to hear about these attacks on you. I pray that you can recover fast and never have to experience that again.

1 year ago

Jerry, have you examined whether your more frequent cramps might originate from reduced blood flow due to inflammation/swelling of your broken foot or a possible thrombosis of the deep veins of your legs?

The love of the Truth tells us that someone sneaky is eager on biting our heels (‘Achilles tendon’ anyhow!) at every unsuspecting moment.
We must be ever watchful and alert through breathing the living Word of Yahuah and working by His healing Spirit within us.

I will pray for your protection as well as your family’s, brother.

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