Do Not Let Satan Steal One Single Day of the Life God Gave You

The seven years of Tribulation, 3.5 years to establish the governance, and 3.5 years to suffer under Satan’s direct rule – I am inclined to think the seven years will begin in about two years.  I hate myself for saying that, because I hate to read when anyone else says it.  But based on the Apophis projections, I can certainly understand why Satan wants his throne RIGHT NOW.  If he is going to rule Yahuah’s masterpiece, he needs to get busy ruling.  Not that anyone wants that to happen, but it will happen and the sooner it happens the sooner peace will come.  Not because satan brings peace, but because Yahusha does.

Apophis is a comet story, one in which the comet destroys the earth.  The problem with this Apophis story is that some of the best astro-mathematicians on earth agree with the story.  Even the NASA public-facing guy Neil Degrasse Tyson says in writing that he expects Apophis to come close enough to earth to get between earth and our space satellites.


Apophis is big, about as big as a major football stadium, and it is several years away, traveling at 28000 MPH.  It is due here in 2029.  Friday, 13th according to Dr. Horn.

Revelation speaks of Wormwood which breaks up and poisons the sea and the fresh water, killing many.  This might be it.  At any rate, it is headed right at us and will be here almost before your new car is paid off.  Certainly before your 7 year-old graduates from high school, or your new-born starts third grade.

So what to do?

I’m going backpacking in Colorado again this summer.  I’ll probably go alone, because alone seems to be my destiny.  I did two weeks last summer and admittedly it was awesome.  About three years ago I climbed up the back of Sierra Blanca mountain (NM) in December.  Drove 1000 miles to my special place, camped for a week and climbed around up there.  No snow, but lows in the low 20’s F.

I like to do it because being alone like that in the wilderness leaves me free to pray without ceasing.  I start a conversation with my Father when I leave the driveway and we spend the entire time together.  He is my companion.

The Covid-19 thing is a drum the powers-that-be will beat for another year or so.  I live my life exactly as I have always lived it.  At work we are supposed to mask-up most of the time, but I just cannot do it.  I haven’t been called out on it yet, and its possible I will not.  Other employees also ditch the mask, but most wear it.  Sad to see.  Sick to mandate it.

One of my close friends at work is all excited about getting the injection, and she thinks she has full understanding of the potential harm it can do.  A pity.

We don’t mask up at church.  That mask, if you have not yet noticed, does absolutely nothing.  The potential for the mask to give you pneumonia is pretty good, and if you get the shot and still wear the mask, I would think that you will get a lung infection from hell eventually.  And of course when you do get the lung infection from hell for wearing the mask after you get the injection, the little gods controlling this covid fraud will say “Yes, we need a follow-up injection”.  They will call the pneumonia caused by the damp, bacteria-laden masks “Covid-22”.

Can you imagine a better program for driving people to the drugstore to get prescriptions filled?  Make them sick then keep them sick with the cure.  An endless sea of sick people, made sick from the cure.  Perversion.  The hallmark of Satan.

What seems huge to say is this: Do not fear.  That is crazy, I know.  Especially knowing their plans regarding cash, cryptocurrency and a Federal crypto dollar.  Paper currency will go away in a couple of years and we will have to trade in a Federal or Central Bank version of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

I like Bitcoin a lot, but the Federal version of crypto will trace your every move and every purchase.  Plus, the government can freeze your money in an instant.  So in spite of the true privacy and universal use of Bitcoin, the governments will find a way to steal the technology and have been working on ways to do that.

China obviously has plans to rule the world.  Remember that.

The tares will be taken, leaving the wheat.

Don’t worry.  Do plan and do prepare.  Have a few places in mind to run to if you must run.  I am well situated in where I live.  Although I live in a town near a huge city, I can support and move my crew easily.  I prepared more to move rather than to dig in.  I want to disappear, and will when necessary.

And if you choose not to run, that’s fine too.  If I didn’t have children I might just surrender and let them have me.  I could never shave again and sit around the prison compound playing dominoes with a lot of other gray-haired hard heads until they march us off to the firing squad.  I’ll tell you this – there will be a lot of brand new believers executed in those camps.  People lining up to get saved 🙂

So, take care of your physical health.  Take care of others.  Reach out to love the unlovable.  Feed the hungry.  Laugh.  Enjoy sunlight.  Remember that the plans of wicked men are known in full by the King of Kings.  The wicked deny that God exists, and God subsequently denies life to the wicked.

Enjoy your lives, dear friends.  Do not let Satan steal one single day.


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GM Linder
2 years ago

Hi Jerry,
On the 20th April it will be seven years since the first blood moon.

I know because I have been counting down the days, and on the 21st April I will start again.
God Bless

Welcome To The War
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