Do Not Fear – Be Comforted By His Dominion Over You. Peace Is Here For You Now.

Originally posted on May 11, 2020 @ 7:03 am

We have all seen movies or read books about “reality”, and frequently in books and movies the premise is that something will change “reality” in the future, or if time travel is a part of the story, change reality in the past, effecting reality in the future.

I would like to talk to you about reality changing in real-time for those who are saved.

Please let me share with you some additional understanding of me, beginning when I was a young boy.

I have always been a voracious reader. From around 3rd grade, I loved reading and stories and especially books by Mark Twain and Robert Heinlein.  Twain wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn, and Heinlein wrote Red Planet and Stranger in a Strange Land, and many others.  Outdoors. Exploration and “space”.  The adventures and mysteries were intoxicating to me.

By third grade I read the newspaper every day.  I spent a part of every summer reclining on my parents sofa under the east window of their living room, reading.  Sometimes I read all day.  And If I wasn’t reading I was in the woods or riding my bicycle.

The point here – “Reality” is predictable in this world.  Read enough, study enough and live long enough, and world reality just repeats itself over and over.

I still read a lot, though I read mostly “news”, and the books are decidedly non-fiction.  I just returned from a week in Colorado and my 4Runner is still packed and ready to deploy again. That’s the Tom Sawyer in me, and I thank Yahuah for it.

I’ve lived 63 years as of today, around 6AM central time USA, and still do all the fun things (except climb trees) I have done since I was old enough to do things on my own.  What a blessing that is.  When I die, I hope to be martyred for my faith or that I just fall down dead playing with my kids, and someday, grandkids.  Maybe with some great music playing in the background.  But it matters not, honestly.  I’ll ride whatever bus gets me to heaven.

As some of you know, I had a vision years ago in which a flaming sword was coming to earth and it was the sword of Yahuah, who spoke and stated that He is “coming to separate the righteous from the unrighteous”.  Better learn what”righteous” means from Yahuah’s perspective, folks.

As I grew in my understanding, especially in these last 10 years or so, I began to see both with my eyes and in my mind that walking with Yahuah is much, much more than simply acting in accord with my faith.

It is this: When we are saved, we have in front of us an open door that takes us into truth.  It is metaphorically a “spiritual door”, but we do not (as humans) understand that word “spiritual”.  In part, spiritual is an alternate reality, but mostly, “spiritual” is a state of mind that exists outside of “reality”, and to the world, is almost meaningless.

Deadly mistake, that.

When we walk with Yahuah in close, reverential love and worship, our “spiritual reality” comes to the fore.  Reality changes from a satanic world-view to a biblical world-view.  We walk in the complete knowledge that we are, ourselves, celestial beings.  We are even called “gods” in one scripture in one translation of the Word.

When I was in rebellion to Yahuah, my life was really bad.  I made great money and did all the things that men in rebellion against Yahuah do.  I was more or less completely worldly, and my life reflected the sin and sorrows of my world-centered life.  I was my own god, with satan as my co-pilot.

Reality, then, was somewhat predictable.  Effect followed cause.  Things were calculable, and every victory was flavored with something bitter.  There was no peace in my life, no matter how peaceful and consistent things might have appeared.  Good days could turn ugly, and everything was just sort of a grind.  My favorite sins were a diversion from my grim reality, but my favorite sins were blinding me to the truth of my life.

Then Yahuah showed me the “next step” in my rebellion, and that stopped me dead in my tracks, turned me around 180 degrees and propelled me into a relationship with Him that changed me and is changing people all over this glorious planet.  Reality changed, and I do not mean the mere reporting of facts as “reality”.

What He showed me also changed reality for me in many profound ways.  My understanding of the entire management and reporting system that the satan has in place all around us came from that single event, a stunning revelation that still, 27 years later, makes me shake my head in wonder.  That is also reality.  It is REAL.  And that reality was like sticking my head out a window and seeing all of everything for the very first time.

There are two tracks running parallel to one another in this world.  There is the track or path of the lost, and there is the track of the saved.  There is no middle, there is no gray area.  There is only saved and lost.

Those who are lost have the worlds/satans plan unfolding in front of them as “reality”.  Satan induces people into a shadow stupor whereby the lost will ignore Yahuah, will reject Him, will “make His name into nothing”, which is a direct act of disobedience to His command (in Paleo Hebrew 10 Commands): “Do not make My Name into nothing.”  Yahuah is His name and He expects you and me to speak it.

Reality for the lost unfolds rather predictably.  Yes, surprises happen but surprises happen to everyone.  Reality for the lost is simply bland and unsatisfying.  Reality for the lost is simply a treadmill with distractions built in to occupy the carnal human mind, all to squeeze the spiritual reality from the human conscience.

Spiritual Reality

Spiritual reality can come only to the saved.   Spiritual reality is the ongoing act of living with the Word in your heart and mind.  The Word transforms and transcends human “reality”, and everything we do is touched by it.

Foremost in spiritual reality is the recognition of Yahuah as King.  He is the absolute Authority, the bottom line, the apex of perfection, complete in His wisdom and understanding, able to make any reality He desires from the mere thought of it, and changing worldly “reality’ in totality instantly, if He so desires.

Reality then, for the saved, becomes a reflection of the choices we make in our daily lives.

For example, try this.  From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, remind yourself that you love every person you see.  Look at each person and remind yourself that Yahuah commands that we/you love that person.

I’m thinking of the grocery store as I write these words to you.  The grocery store is a great place to practice this because there is generally a lot of people there.  Less lately 🙂  So we can see a lot of people and love a lot of people.  Speak to them kindly.  Do small things for some of them as you shop.  Smile.  Listen for opportunities to praise Yahuah to others publically, in small ways and words and deeds.  Little things.  Plant the seed of Salvation to anyone who Yahuah presents.

When you DO, He will PROVIDE, and that is how reality changes.  The more you lay down your pride and pick up being His servant, the more “reality” changes for you, and in your favor, even if you are arrested by the police.  A jail is filled with opportunities to teach the lost.  Its ideal; a treasury of lost souls and for sure, some want to hear the Good Word.

There are truly an unlimited number of paths that we can take as human beings.  Our human realities are determined by our choices, and our choices are determined by our hearts.  If we burn in our heart for a motorcycle, we will eventually have that motorcycle.  Same for any other possession, even people.  They manifest and worldly reality is based on our various human lusts.

When you follow Yahuah, He gives you a reality that is in this world but is not OF this world.  You will exist in the world, but you will be a separate being FROM the world.  You will not “fit in”, you will be an outcast from the world and you will in fact be alone, even in a room full of people if those people are lost.

But that “not fitting in” situation is absolutely for your benefit.  It’s part of that “lead us not into temptation” verse that you have prayed a thousand times.  Its part of becoming holy, as all saved people are holy.  We are set apart, called, redeemed and made white.

SO there are two distinct realities in this life.  We leave the reality of the world and what satan rules in this world, and we enter the reality of Yahuah, which is a reality of submission to Him because He is worthy of our submission.  In return, He loves us and gives us whatever we need in life and after this life, eternal life with Him in our own home in Paradise.  More importantly, we have a life with Him here in this human body and also in our new physical, perfect and immortal beings in Heaven.

We see everything differently when we believe Yahuah.  We see clearly, then.  We understand.  We are fearless.  We live our lives knowing that heaven and Yahusha are only one or two measly heartbeats away, and if our body would just stop working, we could immediately go home.

Do not fear this coronavirus.  Do not fear for your own life, and try not to fear for the lives of your loved ones.  Yahuah will provide, and He will also provide fellowship.  You will have Him as your companion no matter what, and He is sufficient.  I have experienced this so many times – loneliness to the point of depression and then the light of His presence within me.  The comfort He gives, and the friendship of Yahusha.

They know that it is difficult being human.  It is part of becoming all that Yahuah has in mind for us to be.

Trust that Yahuah will govern “reality” for you, and that He loves you.  Do not fear hardship, though it will likely come.  You are not alone.  Seek out the fellowship of some local believers.  The world is settling in to the tribulation, and absolutely people are going to die.  Great big heaping piles of human beings, maybe even the saved.  More disease, widespread and deep famine, devastating war and dead bodies everywhere.  That is the reality facing the world now.

When you see these things come to pass, remember that you are not of this world.  You are NOT part of this tribulation, but are a child of Yahuah who foretold of these things 2000 years ago.  We are foreigners here, aliens in this world.  We see the darkness, but we live in light.

Yahusha, our true friend and the narrow gate to Yahuah, tells us not to fear, so do not fear.  You can live in the reality that Yahuah sets before you simply by being His presence on earth to the lost.  When your reality is composed of your obedience to Him, even if it hurts, you are in the best position you can be in in this world.


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2 years ago

Hope your good brother I can relate to so much of what you said I’m gonna take your advice and try and fellowship with local believers there’s an Anglican and a Catholic Church nearby, ( I’ll be happy if I can find one who even reads the bible) great post Jerry

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