Did Three “White Supremists” Really Attack The Power Grid? Is The Government Fabricating Stories And Setting The Stage For Another False Flag?


Five days ago, a very serious and professional T.V. news talking head says that “intelligence agencies” are warning “tonight” that American “critical infrastructure” is under threat by “cyber threats from Russia”.  The very serious talking heads from the very liberal CBS clan cite the alleged actions of “three white supremacists” as proof that the threat from home is real.

So I did a search on Bing using the terms “three white supremacists plead guilty power station”.  I read three articles:

  1. https://www.reuters.com/legal/transactional/3-us-men-driven-by-white-supremacy-plead-guilty-planning-attack-power-grids-2022-02-23/
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/23/us/power-grid-plot-race-war.html
  3. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/three-men-plead-guilty-conspiring-provide-material-support-plot-attack-power-grids-united

The three articles (four, actually) all said the same things, almost word for word.  They all parroted some master document, maybe copying the Justice Department article (#3, above).

So three anglos who prefer Nazi symbology chum up to take down the Texas power grid with an “AK-47” rifle and swallow fentanyl if caught.  They were allegedly tracked via an online chat site and allegedly arrested and charged although they did not commit any actual crime.  They literally did nothing, if they even existed.

So I tried to find an image of Christopher Brenner Cook.  No dice.  I found Christopher Brenner and Christopher Cook.  But you would think that something as monumental as this “terror cell” would warrant some photos of the perps.

Maybe they exist, but maybe this entire story is a plant, something made up cause a few million white guys to feel a little bit guilty for also wanting to blow up a power station and turn off the grid.  Striking down the deep state is a noble ambition, but doing so with no air-conditioning, refrigeration or youtube is crazy.

I’m too far into this to stop now, although I do lean towards a “planted news story”, fake news, etc.  If I wanted to take down a power station, I would use other means, easily available, more effective and just as transportable.  And I wouldn’t take fentanyl just because I allegedly got pulled over by the police for spray-painting a swastika under a bridge.

These guys are kittens, wanna-be bad guys, if they even exist, but it gives the fake news machine a story to run from time to time, warning people about those pesky and uber dangerous white supremists.  If it is true that whites rule the world, then why would any Anglo bother to establish himself as a white supremist, seeing as how that argument is moot?

I’ll close with this: Who do you personally think is most likely to shut down the power grid and the Internet in the United States?  Is Russia more likely to do that than U.S. Government insiders?  Who blew up the Twin Towers?  Who planned and executed that massive false flag?  Who slaughtered the women and children at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, TX?  The Russians?

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karla altiero
karla altiero
8 months ago

I think the woke virtue signalling white supreme trans gun free etc was just bait to ID surveil cancel censor debank deplatform purge from miltary mock q psop conspiracy theorists patriots males whites traditional families christians- and put them on hold under domestic terror narrative – jan 6. jan sixers are tortured. ashlie babbitt was only person killed. she was trying to stop ppl from going thru door. in other words hegelian dialectic. trump is part of it. knowingly or unknowingly. he did lure them to jan 6. i think knowingly. of course its the gov in my opinion.

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