Did General Flynns DIA Special Forces Sneak In During The Antifa Raid On Congress And STEAL Nancy Pelosi’s Notebook Computer? Somebody pinch me :)

United States Lt. General Thomas McInerney says US Special Forces personnel went into the Capitol in the guise of antifans and took Nancy Pelosi’s notebook computer from her desk.  Pelosi and the rest of the snakes on Congress ran like scared hens, and she left the prize of all prizes on her desk for Trump to snatch.

Bear in mind that Mr. Trump is still President, and although the communists at Apple (blocking Parler), Twitter, Facebook and Youtube banned him, he still has access to and use of the National Emergency Broadcast System directly to every cell phone in America

Can you say “Trust the plan”?

Delightful.  I suspect Mr. Trump is good for another term.  Coupled with the information I got yesterday, certain doom seems in store for the traitors who seek to destroy America, and Barack Obama is also in the net.

Trump did not concede today.  He only said there would be a “smooth transition” on January 20th, and that his first term was the best in American history.  He is probably going to smoothly transition into his 2nd term January 20th.

Watch this video and note the two heavy-set guys in sunglasses and masks hustling down stairs.  They are covering their faces quite well, and sure look to have a sense of urgency about them, undeterred by the chaos around them.  I bet they are DIA personnel, Defense Intelligence Agency, and under the command of none other than General Michael Flynn.


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