Department Of Homeland Security Says We Will Lose A War Against Russia/China


I just listened to the interview below, and everyone needs to hear this.  The interviewer is Canadian Prepper (Nathan), and interviewed is David Pyne.  Mr. Pyne is the director of the Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) section of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Mr. Pyne is very well informed on the nuclear threat that we face in the USA, and he shares with us information that no “news” media will ever come close to discussing.

This is a very revealing interview and you need to listen closely.  Even you folks in and around Brisbane, and in India, and Indonesia and Japan and Washington, D.C. need to listen and pay close attention.  Listen to it twice.   Take notes.

This is DHS stating bluntly that the USA will lose any war VS Russia and China, and that a strong EMP detonation over Brussels, Belgium will utterly destroy the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) ability to conduct war in Europe by destroying the communications capability of NATO Headquarters.  This is a high-level DHS division head talking, not a youtuber.

There isn’t much we can do about any of this.  The judgement of Yahuah is certainly being poured out on the world.  I personally am very calm and comfortable.  Just yesterday I realized that my life is more peaceful than it ever has been, and I love it.  In fact, my life is so new and different to me that after nine months I am just now becoming accustomed to it.

So here I peacefully sit writing about destruction that is definitely the judgement of Yahuah being loosed upon the world, and my plan today is to go to the gym, go to my shop and tune up my mountain bike, then go pick up my youngest son and go swimming.  Maybe eat a chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream cone and perhaps smoke a cigar this evening.

That’s my life.  I get up in the morning, read the words of Yahuah, check my e-mail, check the “news”, make coffee, eat some oatmeal, do some writing, go [to the gym/mountain biking/get Nate/swimming/to Shabbat service/outside in the evening to smoke a cigar and watch some youtube].

And its the end of the world 🙂  I always thought I would be freaking out and headed for the hills.

Listen, when the bombs start falling and the power goes out, just be ready.  Have the ability to build a fire that you can cook on.  Have plenty of dried beans because they keep well and are abundant and cheap.  Salt – 25 pound bag of that.  Coffee – oh yeah.  Toilet paper.  Sugar – big bag sealed against moisture.  Detergent/soap – lots of it.  Have the ability to make safe drinking water and have a source of water.  Have a clean sleeping space that is dry and warm and good hiking/work boots.  Have at least one good rifle (AR-15 preferably) and 1000 rounds of ammunition for it.  This is the core of your “new life”.  You will not be alone, either.  Your neighbors will be in similar straits.   Form strong groups quickly.  It is an adventure, dear reader.  Truly an adventure, and we all need adventure in our lives.

Do not fear death.  Draw close to Yahuah and enjoy the people you have around you.  If you have the testimony of Yahusha and keep the commands of Yahuah, you are one step away from heaven.  Leaving your human body is a blessing.

I will see you there, I promise.  As I said to one of you recently, when we get to heaven we will all meet over by the jars of wine 🙂

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1 year ago

Funny how people keep warning of an EMP strike but no one can figure out how to protect our grid. I guess all of the money goes to the destruction of our country instead of preserving it.

kim k
kim k
1 year ago

Aen brother,,i feel the same… we are the last generation… although im a baby Christian..i always knew…and was never really fearful of death, like i knew i would not die eventually… come on Jesus!!!!

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