Deep-State Monkeys And Civil War: Let’s Get Real, Right Now.


For some of you very kind, gentle and loving souls, the following content might be alarming to the point of significant discomfort.  Some will cite the fact that we “are called to peace”, which is a blessing from Yahuah and quite true.  We are indeed called to peace.

We are also called to arms by the very same God in the very same book, who often sent His best and most faithful into war against the enemies of Yahuah and His people, with instructions to kill every last man, woman, child, dog and donkey of those whose demon-driven mission it was to destroy the people of Yahuah by breaking their faith and sacrificing their children and enticing them into sexual sin and spiritual adultery in music, language and erotic seduction.

So buckle up.

My Father, who is the Creator of everything that is, gave me remarkable attributes.  He gave me His Spirit in the most powerful moment of my life.  Shocking, utterly dominating and with no witnesses or foreknowledge.  He did something in me that made me His forever.  I praise Him and He is my God.  Yahuah.  The Maker.  He IS.   Only my ascension into the realm of Heaven will be a greater experience.

I am a warrior.  A “super troop” as the Army called me.  An analogy: Imagine yourself walking across a large field of tall grass in the dead of night.  You are alone, but you are confident.  You are armed and skilled.  You are alert, on guard and moving skillfully through the tall grass to the woods about 100 yards ahead.  Maybe you have a partner.  But also in that tall grass, just above the top of the blades, peer the eyes of a panther, black as night, muscles tense and claws already extended.  A creature so comfortable in the darkness and so swift to strike that he is upon your neck, teeth tightly buried in your throat before you can utter a sound, and down you go to face your fate as his hind claws rip into your femoral arteries.

The Will to win.

Your partner staggers backwards and falls, heart beating wildly and fingering the safety on his rifle, but before he can do everything required to defend himself, he is captured as prey and dragged away for another fate.

Yahuah Restrains

Yahuah restrains His warriors.  This is why there are no reports of successful missions against the enemies of Truth and light.  He restrains.  He is the Restrainer who governs my heart and mind. He is not slow as some men count slowness, but delivers the right answer at the right time, always.

Waiting for Yahuah and praying for you and others.  I struggle in this sticky morass of hesitance and self-imposed weakness because I love my GOD and He is my restrainer.  It is His spirit in me that restrains and today – today if I offend you then turn your ear to Yahuah and hear His voice.

Yahuah is a warrior, and sends His most faithful to war against His enemies.  That, too, is His Way.

Our enemies revel in the worship of Satan, swimming in the blood of innocent and terrified children, whose throats are cut for the blood which pours out into waiting buckets for consumption, as “the life is in the blood”.

These same political and financial “elite”, these howling jackals whose demonic possession is complete, are resolved to see you dead.  They are doing everything they can get away with to organize a global slaughter of billions of people.  This is more than mere war.  This is far beyond anything Mordor or Saron could ever conceive.  Slaughter from the cellular level, out of sight and out of mind, slowly destroying your body and your mind, weakening you to the point of absolute helplessness and priming you for the day they send the wolves.

The Wolves Are Coming

Forget the anti-Christ.  We don’t need to waste any more time discussing who that is or what it means.  I am telling you here and now that the wolves are going to be loosed on all decent human beings and there will be unimaginable rampage in the cities and hidden slaughter in the countryside.

Your United States Government is a major driver in this coming civil war, and it will be the socialist, anti-Christ minions of the Federal Government who will rip the screens and windows from your home in order to get to you.  It will be “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”  and brothers, dinner is  Y O U.

The United States government is, after Satan himself, your greatest enemy.  Yes there are some righteous people in government, but the wicked are in power at every level and they serve Satan.  Even if they disbelieve in Satan or “god”, they still serve Satan.  This government is the immediate threat.  This government is sending Ukraine another 600 million U.S. dollars this week, on top of the billions of dollars already given to the swine running Ukraine.

What about the survivors of the Maui massacre?

How much money did the government give to Maui?
According to Criswell, FEMA has already distributed more than $8.5 million to Maui, including $3.6 million for direct rental assistance. FEMA has encouraged survivors to register with the government to receive assistance, including an immediate payment of $700 to cover food and water.Aug 29, 2023

From January (the end of January) through May, 2023, the satanists trying to destroy America gave away 76 billion dollars in aid to a parasitic anti-Christ thugocracy called “Ukraine”.

Source: The CFR itself –

This is for only FIVE MONTHS – $76,000,000,000.00

While children in America go to bed unfed every night and while illegals of every third-world and communist state are imported by the tens-of-thousands monthly and are given cash, food, lodging and are vax-free.

The government ruling America is the most bloodthirsty anti-Christ since Hitler ruled Germany, and do you support this?  Do you respect these swine?

They hate God, they hate you, they hate Truth and after they destroy humanity, they will turn on themselves like hyenas, eating their very own guts.

This is Satan’s “battle plan”.  A plan driven purely by hate.  Destruction and eventual self-immolation is the best he can do.

What Will You Do?

You must come to grips with your own personal reality.  Will you fight?  Will you aim?  Will you pull the trigger?  Will you be lethal?  Because I guarantee you this: The very real opportunity to die is headed your way.

People are disappearing and the Internet is scrubbed daily, making what existed yesterday invisible and never to be seen today.  If I stop writing, they got me. will then probably redirect to a “404 error.  Site Not Found”.

It’s going to escalate quickly, this war.  The prophecies are happening.  I have re-read maybe 100+ prophecies of America in the last two days, and we are dead center.  Our national enemies are doing exactly as prophesied, and America is scheduled for destruction.

The New Madrid will blow wide open.  Civil war will explode in most cities.  Rioting will rampage through America and the government will be limited in what it can do to stop it.

Famine will be the issue that drives the unprepared to such extreme lengths to survive.  People will be desperate for food, resorting to cannibalism in many places.

I know what you are thinking – that we are not appointed to the wrath of Yahuah, and that is correct.  I am sure that the children of Yahuah, those who worship Him by obeying His commands, will certainly be spared the worst of what is to come.  But before that day, before that blessed moment arrives, you better have food and water, ammunition and a rifle that you can shoot accurately.

ar-15 rifle and knife and 9mm
ar-15 rifle and knife and 9mm

The wild expansion of criminality is already present.  A week or so ago, a lady drove her car away with a policeman standing directly in front of her with his pistol directed at her, and she drove into him anyway.  Insanity.  And the cop shot her to stop the car.  Was she a vax victim?  Does the vax make people more hostile?

Yesterday I saw a cop straddling the front wheel of a motorcycle to stop the rider from escaping, and the rider drove away with the cop still straddling the front wheel of that motorcycle.  I also saw a guy in a car do the same thing with a policeman on the hood of that car, pointing his pistol at the driver.

The bad guys are greatly emboldened and with just a teaspoon of hardship, they will start rioting all over the country.  There are hundreds of thousands of truly destructive, utterly dark spirited men and women running free in American communities.  I’m telling you that these people are like dynamite waiting for a match.

Watch Israel.  Watch for the division of Jerusalem.  Over and over I read prophecies from trusted sources delineating the civil war that will spread like a wildfire through America.  You must be prepared mentally, emotionally and physically to fight with deadly force to defend your loved ones, and to defend your neighbors.

Don’t get all panicky. If you are over weight you will have problems.  Physical stamina is second only to being properly armed.  I am in great shape.  Even though I am 66 years old, I am fit and capable of doing everything I ever did except climb trees like a monkey.  My power-to-weight ratio is wrong for tree climbing, but great for fighting.

I eat mostly red meat and the fat.  Chicken is second and red meat is always preferred, even though it is getting expensive.  Hamburger is cheaper and its red meat, too.  For breakfast I prefer raw oatmeal with some crunchy peanut butter and coconut oil or real butter, salt, with boiling water poured over it.  Real raw honey when I remember to buy it.  I grind my own coffee beans and french-press it.  Canned coffee generally uses MSG as an “anti-caking ingredient”.  MSG = bad.

I religiously take my preferred vitamins, and I have taken these for years.  They are huge chewables and they really make my days better.  Recommended.

I know a lot of you are not “war-fighters”.  Many of you are quite soft and passive.  I get that.  Well, you can make friends out of your well-armed neighbors and when the civil strife begins, you can get with them and do chores, cook, repair clothing and other necessary tasks while the fighters keep overwatch and patrol the area.  Make yourselves necessary.

Create  a very strong first-aid capability.  You will be your own medical team, so prepare for that.  Buy “Ditch Medicine“.  Its out of print but worth the asking price on Amazon.  Worth the money.  Listen, if you show up at someone’s house unarmed, out of shape and unprepared, they will have to send you away because you are a net drag on their already limited resources.  If they prepare and you do not, then what result do you actually deserve?

I love you guys, and am really proud of all of you.  I have about 12,000 average monthly readers and some of those readers comment and get in touch with me.  A few of you are really beautiful people to me and I love our relationships.  Future writings are also going to be hard words, but I cannot avoid preparing you for conflict any longer.  Its really bad out there.

Next year is 2024, an election year.  The satanists (both Republican and Democrat “leaders”) will try to prevent Trump from running.

The US supreme court is likely to soon determine whether Donald Trump is eligible to run for president in 2024, the well-respected former federal judge Michael Luttig said on Sunday.

Some legal experts believe Trump could be disqualified under section 3 of the 14th amendment. The measure bars someone from holding federal office if they have “previously taken an oath … to support the constitution” and subsequently “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same”. Interpreting that language, Luttig and some other prominent conservative scholars have concluded Trump’s actions on January 6 and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election bar him from running for president.

Trump, I believe, will prevail and be elected.  The Satanists will have vilified Trump so heavily that the pathetic fools on the left will burn down the world, resulting in martial law in many cities and unbridled mayhem across the land.

On the other hand, if Trump is barred from running then action must be taken to break the Left from top to bottom because rage will come from the strongest demographic  in America, the “good people”, the polite and the respectful, the godly and patriotic.  The Truthers.  We will have to decide whether or not we allow the government to remain.  A tough pill to swallow and for sure such an outcome will also lead inevitably to civil war.  The anti-Christ insanity has to end, and it will end only when the Righteous are willing to fight to the death for it.  You know this already, we just don’t say the truth out loud.

Civil war then seems inevitable, regardless.  We shall find out soon enough.

Remember my vision of the flaming sword and Yahuah speaking “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.“?




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