Dead Yet? Don’t Fear Death, But Fear Falling Short And Hiding Your Candle Under A Basket.


There is nothing like the power of Yahuah, and no fuel for that power like the faith He gives to those who love Him.  Please let me tell you a story. Or two.

This story begins right here where I stand, beginning in this very moment of time.  This is quite likely similar to the stories of some of you, maybe you in particular.  Always be willing to share your story in full, because you might save many souls by doing so.

Looking ahead, I feel in my spirit a ferocity which is ravaging the earth, consuming the lives of many.  This is the power of Yahuah, the inferno of His wrath.  The flaming sword which He promised me would separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.

Many of you are silent.  You are waiting with hopeful expectation, and you are right for doing so because we stand on holy ground, this time of quiet before the outpouring of His wrath.  Every day we look to the sky.  Every night we ask Yahuah to come.  We plead with Him in the many millions.  Our voice does reach Him.  He does hear us, and He tightens His fist around the sword of His wrath, His eyes on fire, as bright as the welders torch.  Heaven trembles, shaking in coiled power and keen anticipation, like a lion perfectly poised to leap.

Our enemies and their god have no chance for survival.  The wicked and the damned will be consumed in His fury as the weeds are removed and bundled for the fire.

When the force and power of Yahuah spreads across the earth, the Righteous will praise Him while the wicked curse Him.  “Fear not”, says Yahusha.  Do not fear this retribution, for it is merely the water of the Sea of Reeds falling again upon Pharaoh.

In this coming event, an event not seen on this earth since the time before Adam when vast fortifications world-wide were destroyed and the time of the people of elongated skulls was ended, many will physically die.  Very many.  Maybe me.  Maybe you.  Maybe our families and maybe our friends.  we who walk in the Way have only rejoicing to look forward to.

But “death” for the Way Walkers does not exist.  If you walk in the Way, you will never die.  Your body will certainly “give up the ghost”.  It’s a machine.  It will break.  You will then exit your body, but the event we call “death” is nothing.  I liken it to a butterfly landing on my forearm.  Less, actually.

When I was about age 19 I had a motorcycle crash, a spectacular one.  Running off the road and impacting a vertical dirt berm that was about two feet tall going approximately 70 MPH, I flipped my 1000cc Honda GL1000 three times in the air, smashing the windshield with my face and was thrown violently from my beloved GL.

As I was still gripping the handlebars and with my feet directly over my upside-down head, I prayed to Yahuah to let me live.  I told Him that I wanted an education and a family before I died, and He gave me my prayer.  I landed on my back, and it felt like I was laying on a baseball.  I gripped the grass tightly with my arms extended out from me as far as they would go.  I did that because I wanted to control any spasms I might have, or convulsions.

My best friend rushed to my side and told me that he saw me flip three times, like the guy in “The Bionic Man” TV show.

My point is this: I was never afraid.  The wreck should have killed me and did break one or two vertebra in my back, but I was not afraid.  There was no time for that.  I only had time to pray and had I died, that transition would have been awesome, not frightening.  I think this is what Yahusha means when He says “fear not”, because physical death is not at all frightening for the children of Yahuah.

If anything, physical death is the end of opportunity for you to spread the gospel of Salvation and the Truth of Torah.  You will not have any more time to serve Yahuah in this world and the rewards He has for His servants will be limited to what you have earned up to that point.

Living – that can be a frightening prospect, but only if we let it.  My former spouse, whom I am told is now convinced that she is reincarnated, should fear death.  She asked me recently why I choose to live in such poverty, which is below the Federal poverty level for a single individual.

I live in poverty because it makes me free.  I serve no corporate slave masters, no “woke” anti-Christ ideologues.  No one tells me that I cannot pray at my desk.  No one owns my time.  No one can fire me for my obedience to the commands of Yahuah.  No one can fire me for my beliefs regarding the scourge of homosexualism and adultery and murder.

As much as possible I have detached myself from the world, and though I am poor in money, Yahuah meets my needs and if I am lacking in anything, it is because Yahuah wants it so and my instructions are to be grateful in every condition which faces me.  I love what Yahuah has done to transform me into His servant.  I pray that He will let me become a better one.

Yesterday at the grocery store, I was checked out by a most unusual young woman.  She was quite odd looking – attractive but very unusual.  She looked something like a robot mannequin, something familiar that I saw in a movie.  Her movements and expressions were also somewhat mechanical.  She wore no makeup, and she walked with a heavy step, although she seemed to be thin under her wool wrap.

An unusual person, and with a sense of loneliness like I have rarely encountered anywhere, as if she was totally alone in that huge grocery store.  Odd, I tell you.

When she handed me my items, I poked my head under the ridiculous sneeze/virus barricade that the grocery company puts around every checker, looked her in the eyes and said “Yahuah loves you.  He has His eyes on you.  Follow Him.”

She looked at me and blinked, as if that was the first time she had ever heard such a thing.  In spite of the line of customers waiting, she never took her eyes off mine as I spoke, and the power of Yahuah was in those words.

It was Yahuah speaking to her.  I just walked away and left her there to ponder those words, which I assure you, she is still thinking about today.  She will try to figure out who Yahuah is.  She will google it, ask her few friends what it means, and Yahuah will lead her to Truth, where she will eventually accept the offer of life and find her way into a Righteous fellowship.

That’s not theory or supposition.  Yahuah’s Word is not spoken into a void, but into the stream of life.  Words matter.  Words have power and Words calling Yahuah’s masterpiece into fellowship with Him are always heard by the spirit of the man.  He might reject Yahuah in favor of declaring himself god, as we have all done, but considering the prompting that Yahuah is about to unleash on the earth, many will fall to their knees and worship Him with all their heart.

This young woman, so lonely in this world, is called.  If she responds, she will be chosen and sealed and in time,  lifted up.

Get busy brothers and sisters.


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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
1 year ago

Wow, it seems the like OUR old Lion Jerry can’t help but live out his protectve strain toward those poor lost females 🙂

Sorry for not yet answering you about your excellent elaboration on Iyob. I am busy at home. Will get back at you with a longer reply soon!

Something to reconsider for you, dear Jerry, in the meantime

Robin Sonstegard
Robin Sonstegard
1 year ago

Psalm 23…I will not be afraid.

Welcome To The War
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