Dana Coverstone – The Dream of November 3rd, 2020

Dana Coverstone – A pastor who has some powerful dreams.  Yahuah uses him because he is humble, honest and does his best to relay to us precisely what he dreamed.  This dream specifically targets November 3rd, 2020.  It is precisely what I also see coming, with the exception of the assassination attempts.

Listen and brace yourself…

I do not know or endorse the man who opens this video. I just wanted to post Dana’s video for you.


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GM Linder
1 year ago

Hi Jerry,

Watched & listened and yes, we are very close and judgment does begin with the House of God.
I’m going to leave you with a word received in April 15th 1983 after a 4day fast. It concerns Britain.

“Spiritual Leaders of Britain”

“You lie asleep as soundly as your marble tombs. You slumber while I do the work that I sent you out to do. You have not led your flocks in the paths of righteousness. You have not glorified My Son. You have not preached the Good News of the Gospel of Peace. You are as sinful as your flocks and twice as guilty! I will bring upon you a humiliation and you will know that it is I who has spoken and done this thing to you. My daughters’ will I raise up to bring forth the glad tidings of My Son to the people. They will prophesy and proclaim My message to a nation that is starving and hungry for My Word. All power will I give unto them in My Name and you will believe that it is I who has done this thing and I will shame you into repentance.

I entrusted to you the keys to My Kingdom and you have locked the people out of the sanctuary and have not spoken the truth about My Son and His death. Was it all for nothing that He died? NO! His blood is still as pure and acceptable to Me as ever it was. It is still able to cleanse the sinner from his sins. I will accept nothing but a repentant and contrite heart that is covered in the blood of MY SON. The perfect Lamb of God, slain for the sins of many. Able to cleanse and purify the sinners heart and sanctify his life to Me. This I have spoken.”

15th April 1983

Political Leaders of Britain

“Sounds of war planes coming to fight against Britannia; she is resting on the world, her shield rests beside her and her helmet is pushed back. Her staff points to heaven and not at the enemy. She rests and takes her leisure, but the warplanes are coming to destroy her and knock her off her throne.
The termites within her seat (Islam?) burrow and tunnel and undermine her strength, they work in conjunction with the war planes, and they are one in their endeavour to destroy Britannia. She is blind and does not see her foe; she thinks they are too few to matter. But, I will show her her folly and she will fall. No power on earth will restore her again. Only as My people turn in repentance and prayer will I hold back the destruction I have planned. (2 Chron.7:14)
You thought you could live on your past glories; I will show you that you are the greatest of all foolish women. Pride is your sin, you thought that you could do without the God of the Universe, that you no longer needed His help and protection; so you went your own way; blind and unaided I let you stumble and fall. When the time comes for Me to save you, I will reach down My hand and be merciful once more to My people.
Why do you suffer? You ask. Was it not I who brought you prosperity and greatness? Why then did you steal My glory for yourselves? Why did you disregard My love and protection? Why did you turn your face from My light to worship idols? Why did you scorn My Son’s name and bring shame on My Bride the church? You have stripped her naked and mocked at her nakedness. I will repay you for your slander and humiliation. All that you gave her I will give you! I will cleanse this nation of idolaters and devil worshipers. I will have none of them!
Look to your northern flanks, for there the enemy will come, just as they did long ago. They will come with the cover of mists and you will wake to find yourselves surrounded. She is a proud nation that comes to destroy you; her hair is wild like the sea she travels. Her face is dark and smeared with the blood of the saints and my people Israel. I hate her with a deep hatred and will smash her helmet of iron and rip her armour of steel from off her back and there I will plunge My sword deep into her, she will not rise again and her body will not be buried; the crows and fishes will be her undertakers. I will have no more of her cruelty, deceit, blasphemy and persecution, I will destroy her utterly.”

My Children

“Fear not, for I am with you. I know My own and the hearts that long after Me. I will protect you from the evil one. You will have persecution, but be brave I have overcome the world. I will not let the world destroy you but use it to purify you as gold. When you suffer, count it all joy unto your salvation and a crown of gold and jewels such as you have never seen awaits your homecoming. When you are spotless and purified, I will bring you home to meet your Bridegroom. He waits with longing in His heart for His betrothed.
Keep watch and pray always for each other, that you may be strengthened on the day of spiritual battle. My heart and My hand are always with you. I seek to guard and protect you with my love. Comfort, for your Father hears the cries of anguish and My ears are ever waiting to catch your voices and My hands are ever ready to deliver you unto Myself. Courage My children for your Father hears you.”

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