Cyrus Parsa Interview Regarding Alien And Communist Agendas To Conquer And Enslave


Sit down and watch this video.  Ignore the accent of the scientist giving us this information.  He is correct and this is important information for your life.  Please pay attention and take notes.  This is important information.  This is good information and not speculation.  You will get used to his slight accent in a few minutes.  Again, this is important information that everyone needs to know. 

Cyrus Parsa Interview Regarding Aliens, Communist China and the Immediate Future

The movie Cyrus Parsa made is linked here: AI Organization Movie

This is very good information, friends.


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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
8 months ago

His accent is not difficult to understand. Interesting material. China seems to be a centroid. I wonder if China knows so much of Earth’s history that they are driving the current world stage. The last sun’s nova that occurred approximately 12,000 years ago happened at the time in the day when China was under its main daylight.

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