Cyber Pandemic 2021 – Dark Winter – No Internet – Starving People – War

Yesterday I spent some time on the Internet, believe it or not.  It was one of those odd days where, in looking back, everything seemed somewhat surrealistic.  “Surrealistic” doesn’t fit well as a descriptor though, because information that I obtained is quite real.  The resistance I have to accepting it is what gives it that quality of surrealism.  Not real.  Cannot be true. Things we absolutely do not want to endure.

I’m going to produce this in disregard of my reluctance.  Already I have to take my hands away from the keyboard and fold them on my chest in prayer.  I stop again to do the same thing.  I do not want to go where I know this will take me, and it will take me there because I know.  I keep covering my mouth with my hand, like I am trying to stifle my speech, to silence myself, to keep quiet and not go there.

But you must know.  I must know and writing helps me sort through the pile of thoughts in my mind.  The thoughts in my mind that I write about are no idle dreams, but are tours through the reality of our lives.  So many of you see things so clearly.  You are so brave and so firm in your faith.  Your wisdom shines like a full moon on a clear night, and your understanding anchors you to the God who designed you.  You will live forever with many who will go with you.  You have nothing to fear and to die is gain.

We begin today with a short speech by the gentleman we know as Klause Schwab.  Mr. Schwab is a globalist leader who apparently runs the world through his relationships with other globalist leaders.  A few months ago I read my first article about the mysterious Mr. Schwab, and the article was so informative that I kept that tab open in my browser all this time.  It was like a reminder of work that had to be done.  I do recommend you read it today.

You have much to contemplate today, dear brothers and sisters.

Mr. Schwab is a wicked man who, with the assistance of other partners, rules the world.  I do not want to write now.  I keep stuffing my fists under my arms, crossing them in order to stop this typing which I know is going to take me where I do not want to go.

Yes, many of us are saved and we will live in heaven forever and that is the goal of life, for sure.  But many more will die terrible deaths and burn in hell for eternity.  The dying, the wholesale extermination of human life on earth, has begun.  Soon, this year, it will take a new turn.  The Dark Winter often mentioned in certain circles will be upon us.

You must be brave.  We all must be brave.  Bravery can only come when fear comes.  If there is naught to fear, then there is no catalyst for courage.  Mercy and love and letting go of self is paramount now.

For those of us who are of the Way, let us remember that our good Father desires mercy more than He desires sacrifice.  Remember this: Mercy over sacrifice.  I want you to hold onto that because Yah Himself is Mercy.  He created mercy.  He defines mercy.  He loves being merciful.  He prefers it, and a God who is love would always desire to be merciful over any other course of action.

But mercy is not always the righteous path.  Sometimes, when the sick and demented utterly Satanic conduct of the people on earth reaches the apex of its rotting stench, purification is required.  This is where we stand this very day.  The volcano in Las Palma is an ideal metaphor for tomorrow: A small island in an obscure corner of the world, boiling in an inferno of liquified stone and raging a roaring threat to the world, promising to get much worse and to prepare immediately.

Volcanoes are related to earth movement.  As the various components of the planet age and endure changing stresses, things break.  The earth cracks.  Rocks rub together under immeasurable force and the friction melts them.  Pressure builds and things blow up.

Recently, on October 2nd, hundreds of earthquakes were recorded by systems specifically designed to detect earthquakes.  The video below is an hour long, but he explains a lot and his understanding is excellent.  Earthquakes also lead to volcanoes, and if you have listened to any of the chapters of Mike Snyders book regarding the prophecies of America, you know that earthquakes are a major component of the many prophecies.

Las Palma, the little engine that could, is also getting stronger, not weaker.  Just last night I watched a huge explosion of volcanic energy blow the side off the cone and a huge river of lava flow down the side of the mountain.  Las Palma looks more and more like it will become a major event impacting people far from the Canary Islands.

But the largest volcanic action on earth is under the sea today, where we cannot watch it and therefore we ignore it.  Ignoring things because they are not obvious is how people get killed.

Small things are just as deadly, just as active, and just as ubiquitous as earthquakes and volcanoes.  The human genome modification technology in the mystery injections that the “government” demands we accept is killing people in the millions now.  Its insane that we allow these injections to continue.  We all must have some kind of death wish, which is possible.  Personally, I’m worn out and let’s face it – the world is a bad place and it will not get “better”.

Check out this video from Stew Peters.  His guest is a blood specialist who obtained a fresh vial of “vaccine” from a lawyer with a legal chain of custody.  You will be stunned to see what is being injected into people.  There is a real war on, folks.  Problem is that we are not fighting back.


The Great Reset Agenda is a real thing.  Governments everywhere are practically hypnotized to march in lockstep with the Schwab crowd of billionaire capitalists who with to rule the earth.  To pull off the reset (fascist dominion over all banking and production), a few people have to starve to death and a handful have to freeze to death in the dark.  I estimate around 2 billion.

Schwab himself and others around him give speeches about how some mystery cyber attack will turn off the lights worldwide overnight and folks, they have been warning us and game-planning this attack for years.

On July 8, 2020, the World Economic Forum met and discussed a “Digital Pandemic” which they claimed would be far more disastrous than the COVID pandemic.

Jeremy Jurgens, the World Economic Forum Managing Director, stated:

I believe that there will be another crisis. It will be more significant. It will be faster than what we’ve seen with COVID. The impact will be greater, and as a result the economic and social implications will be even more significant.

Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, stated:

We all know, but still pay insufficient attention, to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.

It is plain to see that we will be in a real fight to get through this winter.  Last winter in Texas, a generally winter-friendly state, we had a week of major snowfall.  This was the only snowstorm I have ever seen in Texas, and I was born here and have lived here for most of my life.  This winter could be the same, especially if LAST winter was an engineered event.

Power outages in winter can be fatal to many, many people.  Imagine what your world would look like if there was no electricity.  That means no groceries, no gasoline, nu central heating, no hot water, no cell phones, no battery charging (and solar would be almost useless).  “Dark” is the key word here.  With Clause Schwab blowing his horn about a major cyber attack and the fraudulently empowered Joseph Biden stating that we are going into a “Dark Winter”, we can be pretty sure of a rough time.

And then there is China/Taiwan.  Believe me when I say that when one US nuclear attack submarine comes home wounded, the other one lays at the bottom of the sea.  China wanted to make a bold statement after it became public that yes, the US Marine Raiders are in fact training the Taiwanese military how to use small special operations platforms to attack China.

China is boiling mad about this and promised “immediate war”.  Yes, those very words.  And then the submarine incident took place in the deep Pacific waters of the western Pacific ocean. But no Chinese sub came home injured, which most likely means that it is on the bottom of the ocean.  Made in China.

Remember the Second Seal?

I’m going shooting for a few days, and also to verify scope alignment on a couple of rifles.  If you need to do some scope/alignment work on any rifle you plan to use, do it quickly.

Bless the Lord, my strength, who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.” Psalm 144



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2 years ago

I commented on this post, where is my comment?

2 years ago

A good history of globalism is in the movie “Endgame” by Alex Jones. It is available at the Infowars store website. This is why the viral statement “Alex Jones was right” was going around on social media recently .He has been reading their white papers and studying their movements for most of his life. His new movie “Covidland” is also amazing, eye opening, and heartbreaking. The next drama they are planning against us are the climate lockdowns. You can watch “Covidland” for free on

karla altiero
karla altiero
2 years ago

FLCCC alliance says congress staff and their families have been getting ivermectin and their I math protocol for months with no cases. They are exempt from jab and get treatments the commoners dont.

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