Covid Got Me. It Got A Lot Of Local People All The Same Week. Interesting. Like a Magic Covid Bloom.

The alleged “Covid” virus made several people I know sick recently, including me, my baby boy (he’s seven) and his mother.  Plus, at least 12 people I personally know all got sick that same week, and we all see each other on a weekly basis.  Personally, I think we caught whatever was sprayed from those airplanes Tuesday, September 28th, because when i watched the planes spraying over our town, I could literally taste the chemicals.


Podcast October 8, 2021

This would explain why no one has a pureified covid 19 virus anywhere on earth – it does not actually exist.  More on that Sunday.  We are being sprayed with chemicals that make us sick.  That’s my hypothesis.

Podcast below is my first since I got sick, and it covers my illness, the recovery, some Chinese misbehavior, a damaged US submarine (and ours is the one that returned home), and more.  I like these podcasts but there is no way for Google to index them so they don’t show up in search results.  But there is something real and alive and human about them, which I like.

Prepare for war.  Do everything you think you should do as quickly as you can do it.  For SURE have stored water.  Do what you can.  Be prepared for zero Internet.  Be prepared for gas rationing.

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The worm has turned on Covid.  Few people believe in the vax, more people believe in collusion to reduce the population.


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13 thoughts on “Covid Got Me. It Got A Lot Of Local People All The Same Week. Interesting. Like a Magic Covid Bloom.”

  1. Jerry, I am so sorry you and some of your family got CV or whatever we should really call it. I’ve seen the video by Dr. Madej and now Dr. Botha on Stew Peters program regarding the V and it is very unsettling and frightening to say the least. What is going into people’s bodies is abhorrent. It makes me cry for everyone who has done this. I’m glad you made it through your ordeal and are doing better now. Bless you my friend. I’ve been so busy, and recently fighting off certain attacks of the enemy myself. He is out to destroy all who follow the way, the truth and the life. I hope to email you soon. Time is very short indeed. We need the protection and tender mercies of the Lord Jesus Christ/Messiah for sure.

  2. Jerry, would have a direct link to stew peters? every time I search for it, the page gets redirected.
    Much Shalom ♥

      1. Jerry, I had a virus don’t know if it was cold or flu it was mild and easy to get rid of in one week about the same time as yourself. I thought the same as you did. It is when they are spraying the Sky all over the world we get sick. I saw a chem trail plain just one or two mornings ago from date being 16th.

    1. I don’t think so April, although the guy at the grocery store was very sick. I saw him and even commented to him that he looked sick.

  3. As in the days of Noah where humans were being phased out by contamenation from the fallen Angels. No longer YHWH’s immage.
    Now people are being altered again and the Father warned us about it.
    Yahshua / the son of manmind / not tainted .
    What was that we were told about getting out of the cities ?
    I am no better than anyone else but I moved out in 1969.
    What is keeping anyone in the city ? Why did Yahshua say he came ?
    Peace and Shalom

  4. I have it 2 times in two years. / ONLY LAST 2 DAYS !!!

    What kills virus ? EASY

    Yarrow , that is what the survivers of plagues of Europe brought
    to America with them.

    I told you about this before , what more can I do ?

    1. Thanks for telling again. I missed the first time. Blessings! Is it readily available do you think? or is it in tablet or capsule form? I know I have heard of it but can’t remember ever seeing it in the shops.

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